Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bare Rose Holiday Hunt Preview

Lucky Kitty Crew Exclusive Report - Bare Rose (SLurl) has a fun Holiday Hunt in the works and I was lucky enough to know someone who snuck me in for a preview. It starts with a note card that essentially tells you where the first prize is, but not exactly where. You have to do some hunting based on clues in the note card. Each prize is part of an outfit so you have to gather them all for a complete set. When you arrive at each location you should click the Info sign, choosing a language for the note card. Read carefully, this is your first clue.

Bare Rose Black Santa (boy) - You will get parts of a boy's outfit and a girl's outfit in each prize so you'll eventually want to set up folders for each. These Black Santa outfits are first. A gift sack with pose animation and hat are part of the first outfit.

Bare Rose Black Santa (girl) - You will also get more note cards (in many languages) with a landmark and a clue to the next prize. I'm not big on femme outfits, but this one is great. I plan on wearing it often.

Bare Rose Flurry Red (boy) - This is the next outfit and like the Black Santa, the boy's and girl's parts are mixed together. This reminds me of last year's outfit or one very similar that I got last year from B@R. Very punk in my eyes but I'm not one to know fashion. I just know I like this one.

Bare Rose Flurry Red (girl) - And this one, too, the girl's version. June Dion (the Bare Rose owner and designer, if you didn't know) is quite creative and has a unique style. The quality is great, too, with well-aligned textures and prims that need very little adjustment.

Bare Rose Hooded Red Coat - Don't tell anyone, but there is a bonus prize if you track down a thieving reindeer. This coat just plain rocks. The pet you see on my shoulder is included. Very cute.

Serenity will be sending an announcement when the hunt is open to the public, but Bare Rose members get to sneak in early. Show up at B@R's main store wearing an outfit from the shop and ask any store rep for a group invite. Not only will you be able to start the hunt early but you'll have access to an exclusive sandbox and cafe (built by our Serenity) for VIPs ... extra prizes there!


Serenity Semple said...

By the way the hunt opens to the public on the 20th. :3