Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Hannukah! & Katat0nik and PixieKnickers Freebies!

Oh what a wonderful morning!! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday(s)!! As I've been vigilantly lighting the candles of the menorah each night I wonder to myself when am I going to find a Hannukah dress for the occassion? And so I was so pleased to get a the news this morning that Katat0nik Pidgeon had added a hanukkah dress to the gifties under the tree at Axis Mundi!!! In addtion to this dress there are many freebs, cheaps and dollarbies clothes and goodies! Katat0nik does wonderful work and is so generous year round, if you haven't tried on one of her dresses then you must. MUST.

As I like to do on quiet mornings I was sorting through notices that Serenity works so hard to put out. I popped over to pick up a few gowns at Port Babbage and took a few minutes to look around. I'M SO HAPPY I DID!! LOOKIT THESE SHOES!!! CUTE!! This pair is from Nix Sands & RubyRed Xue of PixieKnickers & XCENTRICITY! and they are set out for 0L and they are soooo perfect for the season. These shoe are absolutely wonderful! Excellent prim work, very pretty textures, and the shoes emit pretty little particles, just gorgeous! I saw these and I thought, I need particle emitting fairy style high heel shoes. NEED.

The shoes are also available for sale and come with texture/color change options so it's like having over 100 shoes for 1 price. niiice.

And this just in, as I write this post, the Rouge Pose sets are 50% off today only for the holiday. In addition, CodeBastard Redgrave has a lucky chair out and at least one free couples pose set. It's all at her shop at the Rouge Sim.

Shoes: PixieKnickers & XCENTRICITY! - D'Fly Pumps ~ Ice Queen 0L
Dress: *katat0nik* Freebie Hanukkah Dress - 0L - under the tree at Axis Mundi.
Pose: Rouge Poseset 2 - *D* Boudoir Rouge - Classic - Fireside at Rouge Sim
Bloody Knees: ::::QC Designs:::: Bloody knees with bandaids for 0L just because i loves you all!