Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Stargates

Stargates: You've seen them on television, if only in adverts, and you've seen them around Second Life®. But I found a place where you can get several styles of them free: The Subnova Citadel (SLurl). Pay the vendor (pictured) $L1 and your payment will be refunded while a package is prepared for delivery. I met a Gate Traveller at Shiny Girl (SLurl) and he showed me how the gates work. Watching it was really cool. It appeared to work just like the one on the TV show, but when you click the center of the SL one (after activation) it opens the Map so you can teleport to the new place. It would be helpful to know where you are going and to do that you'd have to get more in depth with the Stargate culture in-world, but just remember this to have some fun: type /d random in chat and the gate will activate and choose another gate at random.