Friday, December 5, 2008

Loco Pocos Hunt

From the Loco Pocos Group Notices: The next long awaited hunt event has now arrived at Loco Pocos! Starting today, you have the chance to win a brand new UNIQUE event-only avatar that will never be sold. All you have to do to collect it is decorate your tree :) When you visit Loco Pocos Island, at the landing point you will find the XMAS dream teleporter, click that to enter the starting point for the hunt! Pick up your game HUD and find the first baubel located in that area. Find all 12 to win!

See the Loco Pocos blog (Web) for details. I talked to Damien Fate today and he said the hunt won't be easy, but a special avie is a prize.


Uccie Poultry said...

UPDATE: This was sent to the Loco Pocos group ... "Up til now you've been enjoying a free gift from the Loco Pocos store each day, 14 in total! Well, starting on the 15th you can receive UNIQUE items from our 25 Days of Xmas event, a different non-store, event exclusive item each day all the way to the 25th!!" I think it might have started today. The prize today was an un-boxed 'Mad Hat,' according to an inspection of the prims. Yesterday's prize was an unboxed pair of eyeglasses. Each was simply named as a Loco Pocos Prize and a number so finding them in your inventory is easy but you don't know what they are. Drag them from your inventory to the ground (where you have Build permission) and rename it in Edit mode. Then take it back into your inventory. Full copy so don't worry about messing up.