Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Gripes & I Own Up to Them

Once again a Lucky Kitty (or someone close to a group member) has taken the low road to gripe about Serenity and the group in an obscure and anonymous forum rather than be grown up enough to stand by thier convictions. Fine. Freedom of speech can hurt, but try living without it. I may not agree with everything I hear in our group but I don't hide to stab others in the back. "Coward" I call you because a coward you are with your actions demonstrating your nature.

Before I get off my soapbox (Web) I would like to call out the "non-callers." If you show to claim a chair please take a moment to announce the new letter to the group. Especially if the person who made the original group chat post isn't at the chair when you win. Many of us don't stalk a chair until we win, calling letters to the Crew so that the odds of "our" letter coming up increases.


Kira McCallen said...

I second this Uccello. This anonymous complainer person is a meany head.