Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are Freebies Killing the Grid?

Of all the 16¾ tonnes of blogs about Second Life™ that one could read, is one of my faves. But I was shocked at her post "Are Freebies a showstopper?" from today. Then when I saw it all stemmed back to comments by pundit/gadfly/lightning rod Prokofy Neva I relaxed and read on with some amusement.


Naima aya said...

mmm Uccello I think no. I don't use freebie, but I really believe and I really create some freebie stuff to promote my shops and my SIM. And I always try to make something in good quality to share, while I'm sharing my stuff and others.
I think the freebies keeps the grid alive attracting some attention to what u want to show behind a free gift to the general public.

Cu, kisses