Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arghmeow, Matey!

LKC's Juno Alter and I bumped into each other at Pirate Kitty!

From the note card:
Beneath the Pirate Kitty store lies a maze of mystery and surprises.
Explore the caverns and hidden passage ways but becareful not to get lost! Along the way you may find treasures and prizes free for the taking!

Start your journey by entering the small water pond at the front of the store. Make sure you search each room carefuly for any hidden treasure.

Look for treasure chest, jewels, and silver coins!
This was a fun hunt. By following my early childhood training in mazes (at the exclusive Kitty Obedience Skool in Farfaraway Beach, Connecticut) I found the first treasure by taking each left turn I could. Nice prizes, but you know me ... I'm in it for the fun. Okies, the Emo chicken is cool.

Some of the swag from the Hunt and from inside the store.


Kira said...

You stole my freeb post! hahaha