Friday, July 25, 2008

Bad Riot Vend

The IM dinger went off when I logged in this morning and I found this comment from a not so Lucky Kitty, Usra Ostrich:

Can you blog about this? It's a crime! I went to Rare Breed to help with a Riot Vend and the bloody thing was a rip off! One minute we all heard [2008/07/24 23:10] [HeZ] RiotVend Vendor 1.0 whispers: Bring more people to make the price go down! Then *blam* the price went up! It never announced "Lowest price reached" nor did it warn us before rocketing the price from L$100 to L$500!!
Along with this pic (click for larger image) from just after the price increase, Usra gave me the SLurl for the shop, but I won't dignify them with the potential traffic it can generate.

My experience is primarily with Mob Vendors from Shep Korvin (store SLurl), but I imagine the other branded unit works the same ... some warning is given, usually a small price increase. If this is as borked out as it seems to be, then this is unconscionable.


HeZkeZl Slade said...

I am HeZkeZl Slade, creator of the riotvend. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the vendor :(

The riotvend, unlike mobvend, doesn't go back to full price after it hits the best price. It will stay at the lowest price as long as there are people there to support it (and even when people leave, it slowly returns to full price in steps.)

Sounds like what happened to you is that someone changed the inventory (or the configuration notecard) in the riotvend while you were there, which causes the riotvend to reset itself. (Or SL was acting up and caused the script to reset.)

I specifically created the riotvend to function differently from mobvend, to avoid situations where people just miss the best price, due to the vendor flipping back to full price.

I'm commenting on this 2 months after the fact, because I just came across this post after doing a google search, so you might never read this . But I did want to offer my apologies for your bad experience.