Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freebies from Torley

Linden Lab®'s beloved Torley Linden now has his own sim as she proudly announced recently on the official Second Life™ blog. It is a fun place to explore and watch his popular video tutorials in-world, not just on the Web. It is also a place for Freebies!

And you can find several when you first arrive (SLurl). The free Follow Cams will change your avatar's point of view (sometimes nauseatingly so) and a "Stop Viewer-side Effects (drop this in your objects as needed)" script will erase hover text from a prim and more. Caution: Gathering these items is strange. You 'Buy' the cams and touch the the script sign to get the script. Other items in TorleyWorld are Take-a-Copy.

Right next to these are Torley's textures and a texture viewer. You can also get the textures in other places and I've seen better viewers (I love the free one from Prospero Linden. I heard from a friend that some watermelon clothes are near by, but I didn't see them. FYI: I recorded the SLurls for the various freebs I found but managed to lose them. Sorry. They aren't hard to find and you'll want to explore anyway.

If you head across a small bay behind the texture vendor you'll see a walkway skirting the water. A small bucket with a fish gives a fishing rod when you click it. Didn't try it, though, but I plan on trying it when I go back. I tried to make this a quick trip. If you look carefully in the water you'll see some bubbles rise and a small stick near by. Maybe. It seems that someone put in a sea mine rezzer.

So when you grab one of the free boat rides (you don't get to keep the boat) be very careful when you drive around. You can't circumnavigate the island, but it is a fun way to get to the games arcade. That 'someone' is Ravenelle Zugzwang, by the way. Also known as Mrs. Torely, I suppose. She seems to be the Architect, Landscaper, Artist, Designer, Builder, and Chief Cook (lot of eggs all around).

But I get ahead of myself. If you explore around the little bay before heading to the walkway you'll find some shelves with a box of 100 prims (w00ters) and a bottle of SLixir. Both are really gag gifts but cute. Behind the shelves is a bulletin board where you can post pix you've taken. Also near here are some bunnies you can sit on as they sit around egg shells. Eggs and watermelons are definite themes here.

About that Games Arcade: Here you will find a free guitar and some of the art on the walls is 'Take-a-Copy'. Of course, you can play the games, sit on Kimagure (AKA Bashful or Inky) from the Pac-Man game, or just hang out.

Lots of places to hang out in this sim. At most you can watch some video tutorials but others are just for fun. There are a couple "dueling" spots that I haven't figured out. Maybe I should have logged in one of my hundreds of Alts to help me. This spot is cool, even if you don't mess with the sky settings like this pic shows.

Of course, you'll find Torley's office. Kinda blends in with all the green and pink and .. erm .. artful clutter. So drop in to Here (yes, that is the Sim name) and explore, grab some freebs, and maybe even learn a few things.