Sunday, July 27, 2008

Message about things you find

Serenity, our group leader, sent out a notecard today. If you couldn't open it or don't look in Past Notices, here is the version she posted in the group IM.

Hello Crew, Just wanted to let you know that one simple thing. IF YOU DON'T MESSAGE ME OR TELL ME IT WON'T BE POSTED

Just saying it in chat and hoping someone writes it down and sends it to me, really isn't gonna help. :s Things that last for an hour or super time limited are understandable. But don't be surprised if you mention something in chat and don't send me anything that it'll recieve a post or anything.

This issue has come up a couple time with people asking for hints/cheats/etc. for hunts and they haven't been posted to the group. Seriously, yer wasting yer time asking here for the most part. I know not all the notices stay but for the most part SPEAK UP.

I highly appreciate the efforts many crew members have taken to take time to send me an IM and I try to thank you in the post itself. So good crew members please keep up the work. Bad crew members need to report to the Highly Mobile Oppression Palace. Thanks. ;3

- Serenity