Sunday, July 27, 2008

Editing the Viking

This is the new Viking Girl outfit from Bare Rose. Simply fabulous! It was released today for only L$140 for Pink (shown), Brown, and Black -- a bargain! Not shown: either of the optional swords. Shoes not included, but most sandals would be appropriate. The hair is ETD's Chandra in Burnt Honey. I'm standing on the big viking boat at the Isle of Lesbos Mall.

Like most outfits, the attachments needed some adjustments and that got me thinking: Items with many prims can be hard to adjust as you can see in this picture. All the blue outline can be confusing and make it easy to lose the X,Y,Z handles that need to be dragged. Notice that Show Hidden Selection is checked in the Tools menu. After adjusting, don't forget to detach then reattach each object when you are satisfied with the changes. If you crash before successfully logging out, none of the changes will be recorded.

This is the same view, but with Show Hidden Selection unchecked. Much cleaner view. Much easier to adjust complicated attachments, especially if you are going to edit linked prims. Of course, this is also great for anything you are building or editing, not just attachments.