Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung

This must be a happy mistake. It looks like an avatar is mislabeled in the basic inventory (Click the Inventory button then navigate to Library > Clothing > Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung). It is listed as Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung, but as you can see from this picture, it is really something else. The parts are listed as MaleWoodElf inside. When you drag the folder onto your avatar (or your name tag) a copy is put in the Clothing folder in My Inventory. Let's hear it for Inventory Bloat! Seriously, it's nice to have a backup for when you modify things.

Which, if you are female, you are going to need the mods. A search shows no lady counterpart, but you can easily change that. Simply go into Appearance (right-click your avatar and choose Appearance) and change the gender. Use the Save As ... option to give the shape a new name. That preserves the original shape in the same folder. Of course, you can add your own skin, eyes, hair, or whatever. In fact, you might want to change the skin if you miss your personal bits. Unlike many Linden Lab© avies, this one has nipples but nothing else, if that matters. Be careful changing your shape, however, as the ears are not prims. This means they still look good if you change the skin, but they go away if you try to use your regular shape.

The pants and shirt are on the Underwear layer, for some reason, so no tatts, folks. The cloak, the belt, and the boots are fabulous. I can certainly use them with other outfits I have. Strangely, when I check Properties for the hair (right-click the item in the inventory and choose Properties) I see that the hair can be modified, it doesn't work in actual practice. To really personalize this great avie you'll need to find other hair rather than mod this nice one. I plan on copying and modifying the boots, though. They are top notch.

As a content producer in Second Life™ (my store is here) I would like to remind you that when you modify things it is good to give credit to the original maker, even if the pieces are provided free. Thanks, Wraith, for a great Avie! Check out her other work at Fairy's Grove Creations.


Uccello Poultry said...

Update: All parts of the Male Wood Elf (AKA Gamer Male) by Wraith Unsung have turned No Mod. No recoloring the boots for me.