Thursday, July 31, 2008

Musashi-Do Main Fashion Shop Freeb

I've wondered about Musashi-Do since I found a wonderful freeb from them on SLex about a year ago. According to About Land at their store (SLurl) their theme is "Italian fashion meets the far east. Every style of Men and Women's fashion. Suits, dresses, gowns, clubwear and lingerie."

Turns out it is rather nice. I'm buying things even as I write this post. All I know is that I get hit on a lot when I wear this crop-top outfit and some of the other clothes look like winners, too.

Male and female in two bags on a table in the lobby, but there is an SLex exclusive freeb here. It is a Motorsports Race Queen outfit much like one they sell at the store and it is transferable. Makes a nice gift.