Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Bot Attack!

From Serernity's Group Notice from earlier today:

Well that just scared the heck outta me, enter the chapel and get a freeb Gorgeous av. Though oddly enough when I entered the real Gorgeous appeared, danced, dropped the world on me and I think I had a heart attack, no LM only SLURL
Being curious I dropped in and my Mini-map showed an avie quite near by, but above me so I figured that Gorgeous was probably waiting. Into the building I went only to be pelted with planets (okay, 1m diameter prims with an Earth texture) and then I was swooped and talked to very earnestly in Japanese! Deciding I didn't need the freebie (No, I'm not it it for the freebs) I simply looked around then left and came back so I could be swooped again, this time with my translator active.

[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: Uccello Poultryさん!よくきたね!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Uccello Poultry! Don't you think? it came well!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 君のハートにレヴォリューション!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: In your heart [revuoriyushiyon]!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 私の名前はキャプテン!ヘビー ゴー☆ジャス!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: As for my name captain! Heavy go* JAS!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 泣く子も黙る宇宙海賊さ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: The space pirate where also the child which cries says nothing!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: おっと!ポーズがちょっと違うけど、そこはご愛嬌だ
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: [tsu]! However the pause just a little is different, there is charm
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 奥のシートに座って私のネタムービーを見ていってくれ
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Sitting down in the seat of the inner part, it keeps looking at my news item movie,
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: それから、2階にはヒロザ画伯による私の絵画ギャラリーがあるぞ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Then, there is my picture gallery where is by the [hiroza] artist in the 2nd floor!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: すべて売り物だ!絵をクリックすべし、120L$均一!お買い得だよ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Entirely it is the merchandise! Should click the picture, 120L$ uniformity! It is good bargain!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: そだそだ 忘れるところだったぁ、今日の記念にゴージャス変身セットをあげよう
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: The fascine fascine the [a] which is about to forget, gorgeous transformation set will be increased to present commemoration
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 左の箱をクリックしてゲットしてくれぃ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Clicking the box the left, it gets, the [i]!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: では、ごゆっくり!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: So, slow!
[15:02] You: Nice bot.
Pretty obvious Gorgeous is a well-programed 'bot. The Rock Vault sim uses 'bots in much the same fashion. Nice little bit of fun and if you need an odd costume, go for it.