Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Best Freebies

The best freebies are the fun freebies. With this in mind I quickly leaped (okies, teleported) to New Caerleon for Botgirl's Identity Circus (SLurl) when I saw the group notice. Fun Fun Fun!

Basically, you step into (i.e., sit) in a booth and you are transformed into a completely new avie.

It is a bit more complicated than that, of course, but there is a sign above the booth (helpful and funny) and you are given instructions in chat so it almost works 100%. The instructions tell you to Wear an object for something to happen and that is where it sticks. Nothing happens. Instead, after you wear the object, wait a few seconds, then take off the object to continue the process as described in chat. When you step out of the booth you are one of 6 different avies.

Here are a couple of the avies but stop into the shop to get all six. I love this grey Ruth avie. When the Lindens turned us into clouds rather than Ruths for un-rezzed avies I made my own like this, but what is incredibly funny here is that a Ruth AO is included.

This alien is cool, too, but it looks like one I got from Zada Zenovka's shop (SLurl). It also has an AO, though, whereas Zada's avie doesn't.

Four more avies to try ... here I go!