Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Pyramid & Mobvend

Hey, Kitties! I'm back and I've got news for you. First, though, thanks for taking a look at the blog here. I worked it pretty regular-like and got waaayyy frustrated to constantly hear "We have a blog?"

My first post after all this time needs a disclaimer: It is for my wife's store, Dream Images (SLurl). She just added a Prize Pyramid and a Mobvend. She's kinda new with these things and is being generous with the goodies until she figures them out. I also gave her my two Lucky Chairs and I hope she'll be putting them out at her main store or elsewhere.

If you have a Pyramid, Chair, Mobvend, or other similar doohickey, drop me a note card in-world and I'll make a Blog post. Free Adverts! Free Adverts for All!!