Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missing Out

It's great to be able to pop in, grab a freebie, and then zip off to the next one. Time and time again it is better to stay for a few moments and look around for a bit. This proved true again at Tyototsu Farm (SLurl). I grabbed the freebie "veg picking anims" and then looked in the near by store. I found these ... erm ... furniture pieces? Too cute to pass up for L$10 each. I grabbed the Steak (top right) and the desert (bottom left). How Serenity missed these I'll never know.

And right below these treasure is something I really can't believe she missed! A murderous bear!! Murder, blood, mayhem! Oh! The Bearmanity of it all! Should be nice for Halloween, of course. And isn't there someone you would like to see being dragged off by this evil plushie?

Another reason to stay and look is you might spot other freebies. I answered the call to help with a Lucky Fortunes machine at Sugar Mills (SLurl) and found these freebies just hanging on the wall. Sure, they might have been in a previous notice, but I didn't see it. So looking around is good.

Update (a few hours later): The "Food Furniture" are really Wearables, like the sign says (I thought it was an Oops). You can walk around while wearing them. Each box has a "regular" and an "AFK" version. The main difference is the latter has a flag that I'm guessing says AFK, or something like that, in Japanese.