Friday, September 26, 2008


Roy Blanchard shot an IM to me about his Lucky Chairs being on U. Always great stuff at Hug☆Mart (SLurl) so I teleported as quick as I could and was surprised by four chairs! And he has added a Lucky Fortunes machine to his chairs and MobVend.

Sadly, we weren't "fortunate" enough to be a matched pair (I've never won anywhere on that thing) but he's a bear and I'm a lesbian and ... well, let's just say that our folks might object and leave it at that.

If you are a tiny bear like Roy or any kind of Tiny or know one or wanna be one, Hug☆Mart is a great place to shop (Disclaimer: I have two vendors there and donated land to the group) for just about anything you can think up that a Tiny might need or want. When I began in Second Life not many Tinies wore clothes. You should see the selection here! Around the corner to the right of the chairs is a huge (funny word for a tinies store) selection of freebies. Some even work well with full-sized avies.