Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Hunt @ IOL (Ends Oct. 5th)

Disclaimer: The author is the same person who sets up the hunts at the Isle of Lesbos (IOL) and makes most of the prizes.

The Isle of Lesbos started The BIG Prize Hunt today. Each of the four sims (The Bay of Lesbos, The Isle of Lesbos, The Isle of Lesbos Mall, & The Oasis of Lesbos) has 10 "orbs" hidden.

Prizes in the Bay are mostly custom bikinis while the Oasis features prizes that are great for your landscape. Nearly all the Mall prizes are LOLCat artworks. Porn seems to be a popular prize so that is mostly what you'll find hidden around the main Isle.

Men are not allowed on the Isle but may visit the mall. If they are found on the Oasis or the Bay and are not making trouble they might get a warning. If any male in Lucky Kitty Crew wants the Isle prizes, drop a note card to Uccello Poultry.