Monday, September 22, 2008

Freebies for N00bies #1

New residents in Second Life™ have many options for getting kitted out well but for free as quite a few blogs have already pointed this out. So why am I going putting in my 2-cents worth? Well, I did promise Serenkitty that I'd do my best to blog every day and I like to help Noobs, so here goes.

The Bare Rose Clothes Adjusting Resource Center is one of the best places for Noobs to start so I make sure everyone I give my custom New Player Starter Kit to gets an LM for this place (SLurl). As the name implies, visitors will learn how to adjust clothing, specifically with a nice coat (and shirt and pants!) given at the start. As you can see the tutorial is offered in several languages and so should be a big help to a wide variety of users.

There are several clear, well-illustrated 'stations' showing how the user can adjust parts of the outfit one-by-one and plenty of pose stands so a number of visitors can work simultaneously. Even with the excellent facilities a visit here would be well worthwhile just for the outfit. It is very nice (i.e., typical B@R) and quite versatile. Did you get yours yet? No? Go get it and run through the tutorial even if you are an experienced resident. It will be worth your time.

If any LKC members would like to recommend a place that is great for Noobs, drop me a note card in-world and I'll try to feature it. Or leave a comment here. I'll try to check as often as I can.