Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cyber Rapunzel Lucky Board for Skin

I got this great skin from Cyber Rapunzel in CyberCity at TOCHIGI JAPAN sim. Lucky Board is set at 20 minutes. Skin is called Cyber Halloween.

It's very popular right now, so go quick and you might find that you win quick!

Skin - Cyber Rapunzel Cyber Halloween Skin (Free from the Lucky Board)
- ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin (Not Free, but has 2 lucky chairs, Prize Raffle, Item Campers, and gives away clothes at events ALL THE TIME)
Hair - Kin Naoki (Not Free, but has great cheap hairs in the discounted section)
Ears and Tail - Purrrrrfect Kitties White Fluffy Ears and Tail with Celtic Dream (Not Free, but check out the Lucky Chairs!)