Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milu*Cake Halloween Lucky Chair

I loveeeeee halloween and I love SL foods, so when I heard Milu*Cake added a Halloween Lucky Chair. I rush down to have at! I felt super lucky to find there are 3 prizes to be won! Unfortunately no wildcards...

First prize up is the Milu*Cake Pudding Ala Mode & Bat Wand. It sets off a glow here and there while equipped.

Next is the Milu*Cake Japanese Pumpkin, this is a good snack especially if you have places to rez and people to click and enjoy the treat!

Then lastly and one of my faves is the Milu*Cake Halloween Witch Hat and Apron set, it makes for one cute little witchy waitress look!

Also if you're like me and love collecting sweet stuff, click the Halloween Sweets Magic Pumpkin by the left side of the entrance for many choices of snacks to om nom!

So this is Serensei wishin you luck on this great lucky chair!

Click for the Tp to Milu*Cake!


Kira said...

Ahhhh Serenity! Me Love!

Nom Nom Nom Nom.