Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sometimes I like to shop

With recent changes in the weapons policy at the Isle of Lesbos I thought I'd upgrade my collection of basic freebies with some nicer, high-end goods. So I popped into Gryphon Lair (SLurl) to get the nice sword and shield you see here. I found it on SLex first, but decided to check the store because prices in-world are sometimes lower and buying in-world saves the merchant the commission paid to the web vendor. Okies, I have a shop on SLex, too so I do value their service.

But as is my style, I wandered the shopping mall and found it to be a really attractive build. A common area has dancing, places to relax, artwork at ground-level, and a nice gallery in the central tree structure. Most stores are stocked with some nice builds and seem to be good values. And there are freebies.

The pic of me ready to fight was taken in a library (SLurl) in the mall. I could call it a book store, but all the books are free! Choose from Mark Twain, the classics, Jules Verne, and others. Maybe not the kind of freebies most folks are hunting, but variety is the middle name of Second Life™.

The next pic shows the first freeb I found, a nice collection of artworks (SLurl). This store is also pretty typical of the quality of goods I found. Many shops had clothes and there is even a branch of Silent Sparrow here. Certainly well worth a look if you like medieval or other "period" clothes and non-contemporary stylings.