Sunday, November 23, 2008

CnS pose store hunt & LadyBird freebies

First Up! Obscene Skin from CnS hunt.... I like it! bright and funky :D the word came to my mind was "Snow Queen". The hunt ends on 23rd at 12pm so if you haven't been there HURRY!!!
There are other goodies besides the skin, pose balls and what not (i'll post some more later when i find all of them :P)

Next up! freebies from Ladybird!
The pink hoodie & skirt are from lucky chair (changes every 5 min) and the red sweater & skirt are freebies set on the cart next to lucky chair. they have cute and cheap poses there, if you like taking pictures or own a photostudio.

This one is also from Ladybird, not freebie, but it's only 10L, "Yukidaruma Cham". I'm not Japanese so i have no clue what it means, but i'm guessing 'snowman'? it's snowman making animation. It's CUTE!!!!

If you wanna get them you gotta go to Ladybird