Sunday, November 16, 2008

[ba] barnesworth anubis homes - furniture freebies

*clears her throat and speaks clearly, but with an overexcited tone as this is her very first LKC post! wooot!!*
Barnesworth Anubis has always been one of my favorite home builders in SL and now he's giving out gifties!! When you tp into the [ba] barnesworth anubis homes store find the board that says Freebie House Tour (should be just to the right of the tp entrance.) The board contains a notecard with directions and slurls. It's quite easy really. Take a tour of the gorgeous homes and while you are there you'll be offerred gifts from above! fantastic!

Prizes include items like lounge chairs, topiary bushes, oooh! a nice cream colored cushion (like a floor sofa for two), chaise lounge (my fave) and a tub with floating animation (my second fave.)