Friday, November 7, 2008

Fyrefly Spaceship

New at Hug☆Mart (SLurl) is the Fyrefly, inspired by the Firefly-class space ship seen in on the TV show Firefly (Web) and the movie Serenity (Web). This highly detailed and complete, fully flyable vehicle sells for L$3450 but has a feature list to make any geek drool.

All the ship's areas seen on the show are in this craft, including crew quarters, med bay, cargo bay, and common areas. It even comes with a flyable "mule" for travels outside the ship.

So why is a non-freebie showing up on the blog? No one said the group is only about free stuff. If you have any great shopping tips, product recommendations, or favorite shops, drop me a note card in-world and I'll get it featured here (or at least do my best).