Friday, November 28, 2008

Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt: Last Days

The last couple days for the 2008 Isle of Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt are here. I've been getting tons of comments about how much fun folks are having and how much they like the prizes (worked my itty bitty kitty butt off for those). Though this style of hunt has been used on the Isle before I've had a small increase in the number of folks giving up. Well, some of the legs were bigger last year.

Like most of my hunts, this was not a Click-n-Grab. It was designed to be a game. So, for those with little time or patience, let me make the game a wee bit easier (okies ... a whole lot easier). Contact me in-world and I'll send a note card to you with all the landmarks for all the prizes. These landmarks will not let you teleport directly to the Turkey Legs, but if you click an LM in the card then click the Show on Map button, you merely need to follow the red arrow. Go in sequence. Each leg will give you the Secret Phrase needed for the next.

If I don't get back to you I probably missed your message. Send a note card as my IMs are capped quite often. The hunt will shut down sometime late (late late) on November 30th or early December 1st.