Thursday, November 6, 2008

Creamshop Pictures & Freebies

After reading about a new retail space called Creamshop (SLurl; sources Web & Web) I was intrigued enough to visit. Normally I don't hang out in malls or shops, but with the continuing trend to make shopping an an environmental experience means that there are some really good builds out there. Most seem to favor a grungy, post-apocalyptic them (like Little Heaven, SLurl) and Creamshop is no exception.

You begin your experience in a sewer and wander out to see a partially flooded cityscape, awash in rain and the beginnings of decay. Despite the appearance that there are many shops it is really just one divided up by product type into store fronts, again following the general design trend I mentioned. And holding to this form is the obligatory appearance of blood smears and ominous signs of a horror movie set.

If it sounds as if I don't like the place, well ... I don't. It is a very well designed and executed concept (too many annoying texture flickers from overlapping prims) but I'm not big on dark and dismal. And since there are so many environments like this in-world now I had rather hoped for something more unique. And, as expected, the products fit the shopping center theme. Most of it looked very good, but certainly not my style.

So the post title implies multiple pictures ... that was to suck you in. Go to Creamshop and look around. Poke in all the corners and wander into spots you might not think have any items for sale. Even if your tastes are similar to mine the visit is still worth your time. Just don't expect any freebies. I didn't find even one. The title sucked you in again.