Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guns Guns Guns

The Crack Shot Gun Club (SLurl) has this nice box of guns for free when you enter and a Lucky Chair by the door with more guns, a dart board, and other prizes. It is a 60 minute cycle, though, so be patient or play the various target games near by while waiting. You'll be tempted to shoot at the humming bird, but it won't get you anywhere. It looks like a very nice store. I'll have to try the "Award Winning" cemetery they advertise. Look on the back wall for information about their "Add to your Picks" reward program. Thanks, Lucky Kitty aliantha Brezoianu for telling me about this shop.

TalTECH Weapons has three Wonder Chairs (SLurl) with four styles of pistols as prizes. Like Crack Shot, this shop offers shooting galleries, a Picks programs, and a wide variety of weapons. Having shopped here for a while I can vouch for the customer service. Top notch, really.