Monday, November 3, 2008

What This Group Means To Me

I like being a Lucky Kitty. No, not lucky like the one in the pic (though that would rock!), but a Lucky Kitty in Second Life®. Part of me is rather pleased I was computer-free for the last couple weeks. It seems that there was some drama in the group that led to feelings being hurt, butts being kicked, and lots of faces being frowny. I heard just the tail end of some blog controversy and steered clear considering I know what it is like to get grief from within our ranks.

Then a friend came to me, hurt by some of the fallout and feeling rather disillusioned with the group and more, wondering what I thought about it all. I reminded her why I'm in the group ...

Looking for freebies, chairs, and the like or jumping to a chair that has my letter is a means to explore this wonderful world we all live in. I find so many interesting places and meet a great number of interesting people. If you read my blog (Web) at all (it is okay if you don't) you'll notice I get much of my material from this exploration.

And I like to be helpful. If you call me to a chair and the prize is transferable, I'll probably give it to you. I'm not here for the prizes, but sometimes I get ones I like. So, I guess I'm also in the group for the freebies, but that isn't my main reason.

I'm here for my friends. If they left, I'd leave, too. This group can be downright fun. Even when I get jeered for expressing my opinions. Even when I get bombarded with Friend offers because I'm a U. Even when greed overtakes people and I am screamed at to SIT SIT SIT!!!

Why are you in this group? Lots of "lucky" groups out there. Some are bigger. Some are focused on specific avie types. Why this one?


Emilly Orr said...

Y'know, that's pretty much what I was telling Serenity. This group is a great way to see new places, meet people, learn about the grid...because of Lucky Kitties, something comes up now, most of the time I know it (Nanba runs prim nails, right now; Aoharu runs fresh little outfits, check coats, minis with style, et cetera).

And I'm not big on drama, either. Even though I've caused some of it. I *like* to think, though, that even the drama I've caused, we can mostly step around--I know my personality clashes with certain people, I try to stay out of their way, because we're not there to snipe, we're there to explore, find cool new things, go on hunts, trade call-outs.

I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this group! Yes, we have the occasional brief dramatic convo but what do you expect with over 1000 kitties!?

I joined the group for the freebies, but now that my inventory is overflowing, I stay in the group for the fun and the friendship.

1000+ kisses for all the kitties.

Lanie Recreant/Mystery Milev