Sunday, November 23, 2008

Union Micro Dollarbies

Union Micro (SLurl) has some nice quality past Freebies set as Dollarbies including a dragster, a racing 'Christmas Tree,' and some other funky things. "Past" is emphasized because this is one of the first stores I had been to when I came from the Teen Grid in June of 2006. My brother used to be in a Lucky Chair finders group with Serenity (Our Dear Leaderess) and took me to all his favorite stores. Not being a landmark person I've been having a bit of a time finding them all again. Either they've moved or gone out of business, or I just can't remember them.

No Lucky Chair at Union Micro these days, but there is one at THiNC (SLurl), one of my other regular stops on the Lucky Chair trail. Among the others are Lapgirl (still with a chair and now more; SLurl), Cloud9 Skyboxes (No chair; SLurl), Adored clothing (Wonder Chairs, now; SLurl), Awesome Designs (Many chairs!; SLurl), and some place that had Slut Suits. Wish I could remember that place. The owner made some clothes custom for me but griefers and Copybots made her life hard. Dang. Can't believe I forgot her name or that I can't find her stuff in my inventory.