Sunday, November 23, 2008

XStreet SL Freebies

With brick-n-mortar stores having stuffed the shelves with Christmas merchandise before Halloween was over, I thought that I would have seen more such treats featured on Xstreet SL's freebies page (Web). But a quick look this morning showed only one recent item: Imagine! Creations: Ice-Dancing Snowman (Web). Not that I'm complaining. This is a nice looking, though animated for rotation only, decoration. You can bet I ordered one :)

Otherwise I found but one freebie that interested me today, and that was a nice gown from Madison's Creations (Web). Sometimes during the Holidays I have to put on a dress of some sort and this looks wonderfully wintery.


Unknown said...

Uccello thanks for the notice about the free gown. I've been checking out some role play groups lately and it seems a lot of them require medeival dress!



Kira McCallen said...

Thanks Uccello! I like this dress.