Monday, November 24, 2008

RC - Cluster & Food

Maybe it is because my name is a food, but I have a strange hobby of collecting free SL® food. Trust me when I tell you that the stuff from the corner pantry of RC - Cluster (SLurl) is great quality. Wonderful for decorations or just spiffing up your avie. And it is all calorie-free regardless of the prims you consume.

More seriously, the section has several signs with information on the problem of world hunger, many of which you can click for a note card, and Interweb URL, or both. Come for the food, stay for the humanity.

Or just cruise the store. It has some really cool stuff as freebies, "cheapies," and bargain-priced merchandise in categories that defy naming. I spent $L100 within minutes of arriving. Extra bonus? The Lucky Chair is on a short cycle and Redd Columbia updates the contents often.