Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue Blood Lucky Boards

New lovely dresses at Blue Blood. They change about every 10 mins with wildcards. You can win all the colors in a fatpack or just buy it. Goodluck. ^^

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chiruno Works Fun Time!

So I saw an adorable pic of a chocobo chick from FFXI (big fan of that stuff) on a japanese blog, unfortunately it's not for sale but a winnable prize from a lucky board. ^^

Also there is the past posted gachapon still available for the cute animal valentine rides.

Butttt if you're feeling lucky you can win the chocolate shine one at a memory game (not easy but soo fun!)

Or you can drag 10 people for Lucky Touch! It's kinda like an instant MM, but you are timed. Goodluck and have fun! ^^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Heaven Hair Lucky Chairs

Took me forever to finally catch up and win all the hair in the chairs here (granted there's like 53 different hairstyles to win) at Little Heaven's hair chairs. They change about every 20 mins and have wildcards. Here are a couple styles you can win. Goodluck. ^^

*Epic* Lucky Chair & Fortune

New updated lucky chair (which took me forever to win but sooo worth it. ^^) and lucky fortune at *Epic* other goodies available as well. Goodluck. ^^

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paradisis Lucky Chairs

Some may have forgotten awhile ago (like December sometime last year?) Paradisis has updated their lucky chairs for various things. These are a couple of the items that have hung around, 9 things to collect in all.

But two things have been added which bumps it up to 11, they're these new tank tops which are adorable for valentines day. This is one of two colors you can win. The chairs change on a timer (different per chair but there are 6 chairs hidden around the store) and have wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Love*Soul Lucky Kitty

New kitty hat/hair combos in different colors (no mod unfortunately) all around the sim. They change different times and most do not have wildcards.

Also if you join their pay Copain group you can get the group gift of the same hat in different colors. Goodluck. ^^

Monday, January 25, 2010

MM's Lucky Board & Gachapon

New gachapon for sewing stuffs from MM's, they're L$10 a go and a couple different things to get.

Also a new work bench with many poses in the lucky board, it changes every 5 mins and has wildcards. Many past goodies are here too. Goodluck. ^^

A&S Valentine Lucky Boards

New valentine's day lucky boards at A&S for some cute chocolate covered teddy bears, there's a couple types to win but they're all cute. Boards change every 3 mins with wilcards. Goodluck. ^^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giyaman-Kurage Lucky Board

New lucky board at giyaman-kurage, the lower level shop - the @Beast@ board is still available on the upper level. But the prizes here are lovely japanese valentines themed sweets. The board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

DemiDemi Item Camp & Cute

New item camps at DemiDemi for 20 mins you can get a pet turtle.

Or for 20 mins you can get a lemon themed exercise rug.

There's also past item camps and goodies to be found, but I so wanted to point out this adorable little mouth wearable pets (and comes with ears that animate you as well) for L$100 you can find near the store front. ^^

BC322 Lucky Board

Lucky Board for BC322 for a Witch Broom and AO (it's from a past hunt so if you missed it, nows the chance to get it) it changes every 1 min! Goodluck!

+Lika Ruby+ Lucky Board

New lucky board at +Lika Ruby+, changes every 3 mins for a unique coat. Goodluck. ^^

Sensual Misery Lucky Chair

New popular mens (though I think it's unisex XD) kinda punky overalls in Sensual Misery's chair, also a past freeb here too. Changes every 10 mins, goodluck!

Heart Softens Lucky Boards & Goodies

A couple new lucky boards are available at HS, they change out every 5 mins with wildcards.

Besides the face stickers, there's a couple unisex tattoo boards too. But against the left wall is some new dollarbie hair and lucky board as well. Goodluck!

HomeStyle Tia Lucky Chairs

New lucky chairs, and past freebies are around too, they change every 10 and 5 mins for a very nice home building. Goodluck. ^^

Friday, January 22, 2010

Silver Hawk Company Group Lucky Boards Updated

New group lucky boards available at Silver Hawk Company, pretty popular boards so make sure to pop by before they change out. They change every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Bloody Fallen Gods...

Man that sounds like an awesome title right there. XD But anyway, apparently there's a new blood stained bed hidden below at Fallen Gods Inc. (may be a little adventure trying to get to it, but if you explore some there are other prizes to be found ^^).

They have also updated their lucky chairs upstairs with various necklaces, and there's a meteor hunt going on for some accessories until the 23rd as well. Fallen Gods has many freebs and other goodies, and the place is pretty awesome for some pictures too. Goodluck. ^^

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Discord Lucky Chairs

New prizes on the first row of lucky chairs at Discord. You can win Jou-den, the female dress, comes in Black, Blood Nightmare, Blue Green, Blue Purple, Green Aqua, Pink Yellow, and Yellow Blue. While dE, the male outfit, comes in Black, Black Red, Blue Green, Green, Purple Pink, and Red Orange. They has past prizes in other chairs and boards but these change every 10 mins with no wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

(there are just an example of the outfits, they come in various other colors)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DemiDemi Item Camp

Camp for 20 mins for a giant mewing kitty to sit upon, past goodies are available all around DemiDemi as well. ^^

Cute Bytes Lucky Chairs

A couple cute things to keep your eyes peeled for if you decide to watch the Cute Bytes chairs. Here are just some of the prizes you can win, and they also have wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Friday, January 15, 2010

Silver Hawk Group Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at Silver Hawk, but you will need to join the group. The group inviter is nearby and they change every 10 mins and have wildcards. Very nice weapons. Goodluck. ^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sakurako Lucky Board

New lucky board near the entrance at Sakurako, changes every 10 mins and has wild cards. Other goodies in the store too. Goodluck.

Dude! Sweet!

Well I'm pretty sure that at least a few kittehs are as much of a Gacha addict as I am. This one is a super favorite of mine though lol. The super duper cute panties Gacha @ DUBOO. All kinds of different types with things from Love to Cute to Sweet. I love the old timey look to these and for only 10L per turn you can't go wrong.. one for every day of the week lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair - Yuna's Hair ( group item camp)
Skin - Tacky Star
Eyes - Poetic Colors ( freebie)
Ears - Aitui
Tattoo - GoK
Panties - DUBOO ( 10L Gacya)

Kotolier Lucky Board

New lucky board upstairs at Kotolier, changes every 15 mins and has wildcards for some pretty eyes. Goodluck. ^^