Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sowelu Skins Lucky Boards

2 new lucky boards for female skins at Sowelu Skins, they change every 15 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Shop Aya's Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at Shop Aya for some cute vending machines, the left one is a Miso Soup one and the right is a Toast one. They both are interactive and give noms. Also out front there are others to play with, a really cute store. ^^

Shop Katase Lucky Stars Boards

New lucky stars boards (they're based on your horoscope sign from your SL birthday), they change various times with different transfer prizes. Goodluck. ^^

Hehehe I like the skeleton best. XD

Run-Run Limited Lucky Board

Adorable lucky board at Run-Run for a candy themed kimono. It changes every 10 mins. Goodluck. ^^

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natural Lucky Board & Gachapon

New lucky board at Natural for a cute candy swing, the board changes every 10 mins with wildcards.

Also for 10L$ there's a gachapon for random piggy themed bags. Goodluck. ^^

Tomato Limited Time Group Lucky Board

New limited lucky board at Tomato, join the group - inviter is next to the board - to be able to win a cute kimono. Board changes every 10 mins. Goodluck. ^^

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cat Holic Limited Time Group Lucky Board

Join the Cat Holic group, by the store entrance there's a group inviter, and with title active you can win the cute hoodie that changes every 10 mins. Goodluck. ^^

Honey Lucky Boards

New lucky board for rainbow jeans at Honey, also past lucky boards available. They change every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Edelweiss Limited Time Group Lucky Board

For a week there is a limited time lucky board available to Edelweiss Update group members. The board changes every 5 mins and even tells you what the next letter will be. So cute! Goodluck. ^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couple of MMs

A couple of MMs I'm stalking. XD Thought I'd share. Goodluck. ^^

This one is a group MM but you get a group invite on tping in.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

K@E Limited Time Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at K@E, unfortunately the Vocaloids are gone but now these are Idol M@ster goodies to win. They both change every 20 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Zen Creations Group Lucky Boards

Some cute items in the group lucky boards at Zen Creations, other goodies and chairs are nearby as well.

Raven's Nest Lucky Chairs

Thankies to a nice person I don't know yet but they were kind enough to point this out - Croon. To the chair prizes at Raven's Nest. The masks chair changes every 10 mins and the others change every 5 mins, all with wildcards. Goodluck.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Famished for some Goodies!

One of my fave stores Famish has a new lucky board out, it changes every 5 mins with wildcards for pizza noms. ^^

Also I suggest on joining the suscribe-o to keep up with this dandy store, today is the owners birthday and a couple items have been marked down to dollarbie status. Goodluck! ^^

*Epic* Updated Lucky Stuffs

New Rose Posh Babydoll outfit in the lucky chair which changes every 30 mins with no wildcards and new lovely Dolly Patchwork Outfit in Coral (which is super tough to win) in the lucky fortune. New goodies are around too. Goodluck. ^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stray Pig Lucky Board

Newly added board to the past ones at Stray Pig. Board changes every 15 mins, with wildcards.

Cupcakes Lucky Chairs

Some of the overlooked chairs that have great gifts are at Cupcakes, they have 2 chairs and 1 group lucky board. My faves were the 10 min chairs with giftbags. Here are some of the great prizes, all lucky items have wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

JDMotion Lucky Board

Most likely for a limited time, a lucky board at JDMotion for a couple dance animations. They're also having a 50% off sale. Goodluck. ^^

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heart Softens Lucky Boards

2 new tattoo lucky boards available at Heart Softens, they change every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

*Ribbon* Lucky Board

New lucky board at *Ribbon*, it changes every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

McSkin & WhiteWell Lucky Boards

New boards at McSkin and WhiteWell, they change at various times but have wildcards. McSkin's prizes are a drow skin and part of a Sazae outfit and WhiteWell's is the hair to go with the Sazae set.

McSkin is here

WhiteWell is here

38*C Cemetary Lucky Board

New lucky board at 38*C Cemetary for a nice unisex outfit. The board changes every 8 mins with wildcards, goodluck. ^^

Kurenai Motors Lucky Chair

New lucky chair for a couples motorcycle type thing with also charm chain for your side. The chair changes every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Monday, February 15, 2010

DemiDemi Lucky Box?

New lucky box type thing from DemiDemi, it changes every 20 mins for a cute bird and flower pin. Goodluck.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sensual Mistery Lucky Chair

Lucky chair at Sensual Mistery has updated with a very nice prize, the board changes every 10 mins. Goodluck. ^^

Rose Princess Lucky Board

New lucky board at Rose Princess for a very pretty chair, the board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Past goodies are here too.

Ameni M Hana Lucky Boards

New lucky boards for some wacky things at Ameni M Hana, they're upstairs and change various times. Also past goodies here too.