Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Fun at Misp!

Recently I bought a bumper boat rezzer for the Isle of Lesbos so the ladies can have even more fun at the resort. No, that's a lie. I bought it because I wanted it and installed it at both the Isle of Lesbos and at home so I could ride a bumper boat whenever I wanted. So L$1500 later ...

If you don't have that kind of spare cash you can ride the bumper boats free in Misp, the home region of White's Works (SLurl), the store where I bought the rezzer. It was there that I test drove the product before buying it. I also considered the paddle boat and the jet ski, just two more of the many vehicles you can use for free. A large race track (see pic) fills the sim so you can try for free various motorcycles, scooters, and go karts, too. Other games and activities are available. Thank goodness the vehicles auto-delete when you are done riding them. While writing this post I crashed several, littering the sim with carnage.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Something Blue Prize Camp

Something Blue (SLurl) has an updated prize camp -- 7 minutes for a nice hammock.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prim Hearts: Free Entertainment

The Prim Hearts region (SLurl) is full of great amusement park rides, all free to try. Of course, they are hoping you'll like them enough to buy copies for your own land and I was sorely tempted to get the bumper boats and the combat bumper boats. But I held off, settling for some of the free food from the various stands and taking a L$1 chance at the Tombola (I won a car!). Near the Flume ride and the Go Karts are boxes of free "templates" for each ride.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Madcow's Aliens

Thanks to Lucky Kitty Hempy Weezles for finding another avie maker by Madcow Cosmos, this time at Alien Isles (SLurl). Like the Goblin Maker (Web) and the Robot Maker (Web), the process is simple and fun. Just select your body components, "wear" the folder you are given, then customize skin color (keeping in mind your base color is pink so the tints are additive), choose some eyes, and away you go. There is even an awesome HUD with some wild alien sounds.

Explore the rest of the region, too. Wild and beautiful stuffs there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Delicious Cupcake Headquarters!

Kira Noms HQ, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

Well, Sanu made us a *Nom*, cupeycake HQ, *Nom*, but I'm almost finished *Nom* eating it, sooo, *nom nom*, umm, nevermind.

Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters!


P.s. There be feeshes here too, but Serenity is here, soooo... I recommend you hurry. *Nom Nom*

Madcow's Robots

In a previous post (Web) I mentioned that I was looking for Madcow's Robot Making Machine but couldn't find it. Eventually, I updated the post with the gadget's location and yesterday I finally made my own robot there (SLurl). The pic shows me in my final configuration, just waiting for the paint to dry. There were soooo many good bits that I could have used so I might have to make another, but for my first one I went for a classic, svelte look. Later I'm going to see if any of the bits are "mod" and maybe try to get the chest orb to glow in variable colors.

Mish Mish Fish Fish!

So once again, I'm delighted with finding a cute shop that is not well known called Mish Mish! And I come to find out they have 7Seas fishin!

As you can see it's a pretty small little shop but it's really got some adorable things for sale.

So first gonna mention ADORABLE PETS, I'm still debating on which to get (my heart will probably go for the kitty though). Even Litzi found a cool video about them! -

But none the less once ya stop oogling teh shop. There's some customs to be caught here. I adore them because it's just eeee!

Also if you aren't up for fishing you can always buy the cute customs and they're pretty low cost too! Plus they make it easy and have vendors set up to buy some as gifts if you can't resist getting some for your pals.

Click HERE to teleport to Mish Mish!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Madcow's Goblins

After reading on Headburro Antfarm's blog (Web) that the artist and builder Madcow Cosmos created a Robot Avie Maker I decided I had not been to his store (Slurl) in a very long time and trekked over to check it out. Lo and behold, I got distracted by his Goblin Avie Maker. Like other machines in SL that change you to an avie you begin a process that eventually gives you a folder with an avie to replace the one you are wearing. What makes this unique, however, is you choose body parts before you are given the folder then you can customize after wearing the new avie. This pic shows me in mid-process, choosing my eyes before finalizing. I still haven't found the robot maker, but I'll look again after I get back from Toys for RFL (SLurl).

UPDATE! Lucky Kitty Hikari Shirabyoshi found the Robot Maker (SLurl).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Late Night at the Ol' Arcade

So Hina and I are gaming away at Matatabi Town's Arcade (see past posts on that). So what can you do here besides jam out like I'm doing? XDDD

Btw I'm gettin my groove thing on while Hina is playing because I whacked moles for like ever to get this cool neko cd changer/player backpack that you can get for 50 tickets.

So some other games you won't get tickets for (make sure if you're going to play ticket games to get the ticket roll at the counter or you won't be able to claim prizes)...oh and there's various prizes to redeem for different amounts of tickets. Scroll through them and see if there's something you like!

But anyone you can play the UFO game, like Hina is playing here, for 2 special prizes and some various other ones as well.

Also there's a very fun shooting range game too you can get special prizes for as well.

So come down to the arcade with the rest of us gamer geeks for some sweet prizes and tons of fun! XD

Click HERE to Teleport to Matatabi Town Arcade!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you knew sushi.....

Like I know sushi.. oh oh oh what a girl.. I am of course speaking about Sanura Sakai creator and owner of Sanu. Late night fun was the order of the night when she sent out a message in the Sanu group. Need a few of you to come and get shot...but you won't die! Hmm intriguing so myself and many others rallied to the cry.

Sanu is putting out a line of sushi guns and items and wanted testers for the guns, she distributed several models and I received the sushi bar which shoots all the varieties offered! While we got the tiny sushi pieces, Sanu herself brought out the big gun...the giant pieces were from her gun and at one point we were all buried underneath the sushi goodness.

A good time was had by all, bravo Sanura for bringing laughter and sushi to the masses! Thanks to Gilly for sending me the pictures since I was too busy strafing everyone with sushi to remember to take any!

The above is our brave photographer taking a much needed rest after the melee.

Can't wait till Sanu puts these out! Fear the sushi goodness..muaaaahhhaaa



ps no sushi were hurt in the battle

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sylva's Animation Factory Daily Special

Sylva's Animation Factory has a Daily Special, a great pose or couple's set that is just L$25 (I haven't seen other prices). Today's set (pictured) regularly sells for L$100. Yesterday's was a very intimate FF cuddle that regularly sells for L$250. I find myself buying two or three, using them as gifts or to set out at the Isle of Lesbos as well as for home. Then I wander the store and drop even more money. Yesterday's "special" cost me some L$2000 once I bought a builder's edition of a pose then several regular sets :::sigh:::

Other specials and some freebies in the middle of the shop. Some animations in the shop are not for the meek or virgins.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cool Things - Cinderella Coach by 109 Prims Circus!

OMG, this isn't free, but it is, perhaps, the coolest thing EVUR!! It's a broken Cinderella Coach that's a WEARABLE flying attachment.

Check out this animation:

create animated gif

This sim is really cool. Come check it out, and pick up some freebies too.

109 Prims Circus


Cleopatra Baby Penquin by Aqua Shop Gonbe

Bewkie, Serenity, and Kira, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

For a very limited time, stop by hothouse sim for a special gift, by Gonbe Shan, of Aqua Shop Gonbe, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Ironworks. The gift is a little shoulder pet Cleopatra Penko (Baby Penquin), and a Pharaoh Penko.

Arigatou gozaimasu Gonbe-San!

In the photo, Queen Serenity noms on her tasty toast from her trusty, spooky speaking toaster, Kira. Her lady in waiting, Bewkie, also noms on toast.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Serenity wins the Cupcakes Silks from Sanu!

Serenity is usually a very fast hunter, but when Sanura Sakai announces a first come hunt prize for Cupcake Silks???

She's the fastest draw in SL!!!!

Sanu is located at secondlife:///app/teleport/Scribble/219/42/21


A Linden Lab Prize Hunt

Highlights from the Second Life BunnyJam (Web)

BunnyJam Egg Decorating Contest Pick up a template egg and decorate it for a chance at a L$5000 XStreetSL store credit! (SLurl)

Official Linden BunnyJam Egg Hunt Find one of 25 Eggstraordinary Eggs that contain L$5,000 to spend on XstreetSL.

Win a Free Region Just take a survey on the Web (or don't .. it will increase my odds of winning)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Felis OMFG GO! Very Limited Time!

So this is the new modelled Serenity Semple talking to you! (Yes moving mouth on a furry head WITHOUT the extra jaw attachment!)

So Curious Inc. is giving away a free white Felis av, many have been wishing for this and the fact it's free for possibly only today is something not to miss out on!

Here is a video of said av and it's just lovely!

This is for a limited time if not today only! So make sure if you want this really pretty kitty av for free that you rush your bums down to Curious Inc. and hunt out a goldenish box! Get close and click it to recieve, comes with a male and female shape. And just ohhh! <3>

Click Here to TP to Curious Inc.! (Warning Sim is constantly filling)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

HUNT: A.Y.Y - April 3-19

Store/Designer: ..::A.Y.Y::..

Time Period: April 3 - April 19, 2009
Vendor Blog: Unknown

Search Details: Look for 20 multi-colored eggs, each about the size of a hand. Eggs are scattered in both the fashion and animation shops and the area between the shops. You may even find some eggs on top of the stores. *grins* Eggs are $1L each. Eggs contain items of female clothing, including a cute little monkey hat.

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HUNT: Kitten Caboodle/Alice Went Neko - April Hunt

Hunt: Kitten Caboodle/Alice Went Neko - April Hunt

Store/Designer: Kitten Caboodle and Alice Went Neko

Time Period: April 1 - April 30, 2009


Vendor Blog: No

Search Details: Hunt 18 eggs scattered across the sim. Two of the eggs are "golden" with extra special gifts and therefore much harder to find. Sample egg shown below.

Difficulty Rating: Medium. Large area but pretty and relatively lag free.