Sunday, August 31, 2008

BareRose - How do I love thee?

Okay, so if you are new to the group, you may not have heard of BareRose Tokyo. And if you are old to the group, you may not have been in a while. But I absolutely LOVE BareRose, or B@R for the aficionado's in the group.

A cool thing I just found at B@R is this lovely little Weaving Loom on the beach. It's an item camp device, and you can camp for 2 mins or so and get 1 Hand-Made Kimono Mini Skirt in a single color. There are 6 colors total, but it's completely random.

Kira hard at work

Kira hard at work

Come have fun with this at BareRose!

I give this a 5 LOLcat Rating:

‘make me cheezburgr’ i sez ‘make me cheezburgr’ i sez ‘make me cheezburgr’ i sez ‘make me cheezburgr’ i sez ‘make me cheezburgr’ i sez

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Torrid Wear

LKC at Torrid Wear
Torrid Wear, by Torrid Midnight, has some really nice cheapie clothes in her discount section located down the stairs from the pose shop. Walk to the back of the store, and go down the stairs.

LKC at Torrid wear 2

Check out the Lucky Kitties sporting their new clothes.


Freebie Tips Go Here

Here's YET ANOTHER place to leave your freebie tips. If you have found a really great freebie, please leave a comment on this post.

Here's what you need:

1) Description of the awesomeness (ZOMG, Wyrmling Hot Kyooture has this dress, that's like awesome!)

2) Price (Freebie=0L, Dollarbie=1L, or Cheapie=2L-50L)

3) SLURL (Crucial information! Stand near the freebie, hit your Map button, "Copy SLURL to clipboard", and when you're typing your comment hit paste or Command + V.)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's over nine THOUSAND!!!

Kira's ARC is over 9000!!!!! And at the Hair Fair! The horror!

Notice our heroine, Serenity Semple, in the background, trying to contain the flames. It was hopeless...

Serenity eventually came around. Notice the text at the bottom?
/me agrees with Serensei, "Lucky Kitty Crew - You can only hope to look as cool as Kira does right now."

Dis next one is animated, hehe. Yeah Baby.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Kira is a professional Flamer. Do not try to light your head on fire IRL! Also, do not walk around with over 9000 prims on like Kira. Only Kira may doo dat. Ceiling Cat said so! Srsly!



Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Shameless Plug for IOL

After August 5th, send an IM (or notecard is better) to Lucky Kitty Uccello Poultry if you didn't get all the prizes from the IOL World Flag Hunt.

More Finds at Grendel's Children

(SLurl) Dollarbie Horseshoe Crab avies, Jellyfish avies, and Trilobite avies.

Of course, all the avies at Grendel's are bargains :)

MIA Freebie Store

Look what I found FREE at the M.I.A. store (SLurl)! Tons of freebs there. Sure, veni, vidi, vici. But sometimes you need to revisit places. I hadn't seen this before :)

Alazarin's Freebie Treehouses

Not long after I started in Second Life™ my brother set aside a basic 512m2 lot for me from all the land he owned and took me to Alazarin's to get a free treehouse (I'd always wanted one). So when a new friend wanted a treehouse for her rental lot in FurNation I took her to the same place (SLurl).

The store has changed in the last couple years and a new treehouse has been added, the "Alazarin's Big Free TreeHouse." He also has a nifty collection of other freebies, too. Some you'll find elsewhere but many you won't. By the way the smaller treehouse (the "Novella 512 Free," pictured here) comes with all kinds of extra goodies like a long-distance (more than 300m) teleporter and a ton of textures.

She's furnishing them with freebies we found at Sn@tch (SLurL), though I could have given most of them to her. Most are reboxed "Hobo" freebs by Arcadia Asylum and available from her little shop (SLurl).

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bare Rose Anniversary

A note from Bare Rose's June Dion:

Hello :) we will have 3 years anniversary on Aug.30,31 Music Live, Dance event, Samurai tournament VIP room with special colored outfits with gift from staff and more. Also we have Tresure hunting too, here is images for sample what you can get, Dragon AV, goth dress and armor and more while the hunting, We will have seling version but these edition are Tresure hunting special so please dont miss it, will starting early for VIP this time too, thank you :)

Calculating the Cube Boot of 18

What comes in plain cubes and women often drool over? Why boots and shoes, of course! Someone TPd me to a camping area (SLurL) that had 18 or 20 Lucky chairs on fast cycles and filled with boots and shoes. I'm more of a sneakers and bare feet girl, but the women around me were clearly in heat about all the footwear around them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

OSGrid Hippo

Click this SLurl to get a free hippo.

Okies, it isn't much. The box it comes in is cool (shown in foreground). But the really cool thing is the easel! Behind that big, unlinkable sign is a nice artist/display easel (16 prims!!). Faster than building your own. Inside the building is a free t-shirt. Something about a free sim, too, but I can't figure it out. It wouldn't be in Second Life™.

IOL Hunt: World Flags Ends August 5th!

Ends August 5th so come on down!

Shoes & More @ Material Squirrel

Material Squirrel has some free flowery shoes and naughty-wear on a table (SLurl). Pink, purple, and red flowers on a wedge base. Each color is changeable to some shade of the main color by touching the flower. For some reason two shoe bases are included.

I wasn't impressed with the corsets and panties. At least not enough to spend time photographing them. Nicer than some I've seen. Not keepers for me.