Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mare Item Camp

Head to Mare (a very pretty japanese store) and there's 2 item camps in the shop.

One is a lovely pink kimono though the camp time is very long 222 minutes in the bath tub. I hope my fur survives. x_x;

The other is some Survival Boots which I think are amazing! The camp time for these are 123 minutes. Sucha pretty harp!

The Lowdown on SLURLs

I'm so happy that I figured this out early on. Let me impart my knowledge on you.

SLURLs are comprised of a region name and an XYZ coordinate.

If you've ever built anything, you'll know what I mean by XYZ coordinate, but basically think of that as the "Address" for the place you are headed.

Oldbie Tricks:

  1. Hit the Map button and hit "Copy SLURL to Clipboard." Then you are free to paste the SLURL into a chat window, an email, the LKC Blog, wherever!
  2. A SLURL in your chat history is clickable.
  3. You can type your own SLURL. For Example: Serenity posted the Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters address as follows: Bruissac (103,43,37). This means that it is in the Bruissac region, and it's coordinates are 103/43/37. To create a SLURL for use in the Second Life viewer ONLY, you can abbreviate secondlife://Bruissac/103/43/37. If you want it to appear as a clickable link in a web window (Firefox), you have to type the full address, Make sense?
  4. Sometimes you teleport in and you're not where the SLURL said you were going to go. That's because this region has a "Telehub." For some odd reason, the owners of the region decided to confuse everyone by making us all teleport in to 1 location on their sim, instead of teleporting directly to the freebie! So, in the chat history, click on the SLURL to pop up the Landmark window. Hit "Show on Map" to see your red beacon. Then from the map hit teleport. You should now see a Red Beacon that you can fly to to retrieve your hard-fought prize!
  5. What if you can't fly? I HATE no-fly zones. I can see why some places have no-fly zones, but frankly I think it's stupid. Good thing you can override it and fly anyway! hehehe. Hit Command + Option + V.
I will expand on this if I have missed anything. Happy hunting!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sneaky Trick 1

Sometimes you run across a multiple-prize chair that doesn't show the prize to be won, like this one pictured here, or like the Santa's Lap timed chairs that pop up during the Holidays. It is pretty easy to check what the prizes are and here is how:

➀ Right-click on the chair and choose Edit.

➁ Right-click on the chair and choose Edit again!

You may need to click the More >>> button

➂ In the Edit pane, choose the Content Tab

There's all the goodies! Now make a list or just compare to what you have already won.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

That Sparkle in Her Eyes

Kira McCallen teleported me to Tailz De La Fae (SLurl) for a prize chair with a wonderful prize (a high-quality lion neko skin) and I found some freebs in the corner! One of which was Glowing Eye Prims. I pictured some sort of monster-robot-evul thing and was pleasantly suprised!

Also in the corner is a box of free kitty sounds that are pretty typical of what you'll find elsewhere in Second Life™ shops and a unicorn horn (fine if you don't like to mess with a prim on your own).

Thanks, Kira for inviting me to post on this blog and tons of huggs to Serenkitty for such a great group!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Item Camping at Neko Gear

Awesome camping spot at Neko Gear. Apparently they're opening up their own sim soon and item camping spots will move there, but for now they're still located at the main store in Toreadoll.

And yes, you're not seeing things, Serenity really is dressed as a yummy ice cream cone.


Items to retrieve here-

1 hour camp on the bench for: Torn jeans in Clean and Bloody
1 hour camp on the box for: Neko Tags
5 hour camp on the bloody mattress for: Neko Gear TD Slayer Belt Set!

There are eight 30 minute camping pillows surrounding the fire pit for various items of clothing, and several other camping spots for collars and things.

Overall this place gets 5 out of 5 Kitty Paws.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Usagi Shouten

This will be a treat to all you bunny/usagi lovers out there. ^^ I discovered a lil place called Usagi Shouten, which has numerous bunny items for free.

We start off with a freeb bunny cap (it looks like), freeb bunny PJs (which are adorable!), and I don't know really what the thing on the end is. XDDDD

Then we move on to an adorable freeb cuddle bunny umbrella, freeb bunny earrings, and looks to be a mysterious freeb bunny av!

Finally we have a freeb kinda cyber bunny helmet, freeb laser hand thing, and just freeb bunny friend. Pretty darn nice!
Hope all you bunny and animal lovers out there enjoy this. Hopefully trying to make one post a day lately, dunno how well it'll keep up though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Praise be to Bear!

New item camp is put out by Utsuku City pray to the Bear Statue for 10 minutes and recieve a bear plushie to hold on your own.

Since there is a date on this expect it to possibly change prizes each day. ^^ Also check out the city for more item camping!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's the Sweetie now ?!

This time I'm going to save you time, you have to tp just to two places.

The cute skin and clothes I got from- MoonDoggies-

The Hair from- Diversity Hair at Addictive -

So just have fun , and please don't forget the COMMENTS.

Luv ya all Angella Blinker

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Dragons!?

So if you've checked out my blog the Fashion Nest. You'll have known I was holding something...

Turns out to be a baby dragon egg!

Like always I was reading into some japanese blogs and found out about a baby dragon pet item camp. Also in this area I could not resist to pick up their japanese koi mermaid getup (it's not free but it's pretty)

But the item camp itself is at high in a nest. The baby dragon item camp requires one to cuddle a dragon egg (to keep it warm of course!) for 10 minutes.

Then after you are done there for 10 minutes you will recieve a baby dragon pet! There are 5 different colors to recieve and each time you camp you will be given a random color. (Of course I camped for all colors cause they're so cute <3)

Unfortunately there's only one camp spot so make sure to share and take turns. Below are posted pictures of the baby dragon. This color is blue and attachs to the shoulder (so unfortunately it takes off my wing =_=;)

Also a heads up that they are no mod/no trans. This will also be posted in notices as well, so hang in there even though SL likes to eat them. ^^;

This is Serenity Semple your Lucky Kitty Crew leader over and out!

Hey everyone

It took me a while to make the photos because I'm new photographer, but i worked really hard in PS (photoshop) to make it look much more realistic.
This time I'm going to show you that when we are joining some group we can get wonderful stuff in the first moment, and of course we will have new stuff in the future.

As you can see I'm a big fan of elegant, it just look so good :P

Lets start then :

Dress- Evie's Closet (that's the name of the group too btw)- Search>> Group>>Evie's closet>> Join.
after you've joined , open your groups, mark this group and go to Info, then go to "Notices", and there it is "March Freebie...", click on "Open attachment" , and there you go, just wear it and have fun.

Accessories- AlienBear - Search>> Groups>> AlienBear>>Join.

After you've joined you can go to the hidden shop for group members only, and here's the Slurl-
and you can see it on the wall, just buy it for 1L , and don't forget to check it out every month , for the new gifts.
***By the way, the owner told me that she's going to put lucky chairs in her castle , so just be ready :D

This time I'm going to tell you where I got my lashes, because i forgot about that the other times ^.^
Lashes- Alady Island- nothing special to tell^^ you can find it on the table for FREE.

Hair- Truth- 1L-

And that's it for this time, hope you will like it, and don't forget to COMMENT PLEASE.

Love Ya Angella Blinker

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Japanese girl just for you))

Sunday again , a beautiful day, and this time i want to share with you cute japanese girl that i made from freebie.

, and you can find there really nice AO Hud)

Hope you'll like it, and it would be really nice to comment )

Luv ya, Angella :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hey There

So fun to start write in this blog, and after i found yesterday very nice stuff i would like to share it with you guys , so lets see what we have here...


Skin-the LOLO mall

Eyes-IMAGEN, look aroun and you'll find some more gifts )

Dress- SoulFire, and they got there some more free stuff

Earrings- *BoA Creation* , there are Lucky chairs and you can win it, and if u want really nice necklace , you can join the group and get it for free.

I started to learn how to make clothes about 3 days ago, and I made some dress, I would like to hear your opinion about it :)

Hope you'll like my freebie :)
Have fun guys, Angella )