Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Dragons!?

So if you've checked out my blog the Fashion Nest. You'll have known I was holding something...

Turns out to be a baby dragon egg!

Like always I was reading into some japanese blogs and found out about a baby dragon pet item camp. Also in this area I could not resist to pick up their japanese koi mermaid getup (it's not free but it's pretty)

But the item camp itself is at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gorlen%20Bay/4/176/91 high in a nest. The baby dragon item camp requires one to cuddle a dragon egg (to keep it warm of course!) for 10 minutes.

Then after you are done there for 10 minutes you will recieve a baby dragon pet! There are 5 different colors to recieve and each time you camp you will be given a random color. (Of course I camped for all colors cause they're so cute <3)

Unfortunately there's only one camp spot so make sure to share and take turns. Below are posted pictures of the baby dragon. This color is blue and attachs to the shoulder (so unfortunately it takes off my wing =_=;)

Also a heads up that they are no mod/no trans. This will also be posted in notices as well, so hang in there even though SL likes to eat them. ^^;

This is Serenity Semple your Lucky Kitty Crew leader over and out!


Kira McCallen said...

OMG Serenity! Look at that Baby Dragon! Awesome Find!

AngellaBlinker said...

Wow, that's so sweet, ty hun !!