Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Order of Avalon Adventure

So about a week ago I found out about this game called Order of Avalon. It pretty much is an interactive RPG in SL (shockingly there are not many of these at all). I think it's definitely worth a check out at least for the scenery and lovely builds. First to start off there is a dress code of medival fantasy, but there are freeb outfits if you are worried that you may not have one.

The HUD is nearby and free, pretty sure you have to join the group to be able to participate but not entirely sure. There are many games to play and win various prizes. I highly suggest trying out at least past the first quest because you get some nice gifts. Here's a couple pics to help you get the idea of wearing things and puzzles and such.

I don't want to give away too much because it wouldn't be fun that way. Getting a couple friends together and exploring is pretty nice. Overall I know my eye is set on getting a certain amount of dragon kills (you need to complete the first quest to get to the dragon), after so many kills you can be able to get a dragon to ride. ^^

So overall all of this is free, fun, and definitely one of the more overlooked great experiences in SL. Goodluck. ^^v

Cancoon Lucky Chairs x 3

There are three chairs with a timer of 5 minutes with changeable gifts to try for.
Join their group and they also have a dress for June called "Goldy"

Nomine Lucky Chairs

New lucky chair prizes at Nomine, the chairs change every 10 mins with wildcards. Not all prizes are shown here but there are various types. (Also apologies for the censorship, trying to keep it kinda PGish but you can see the full pic on the chairs). Goodluck.

MMGraffiti Lucky Boards

New lucky board at MMGraffiti for a cute wearable wooden car, also the past chalkboard. Boards change every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Syaka Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at Syaka, they change every 5 mins with wildcards. The prizes are a nice house build, or a guy or girl japanese yukata type set with shoes and hair included. Goodluck.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mariposa Lucky Chair

There are new prizes in the chair at Mariposa, and the chair changes every 2 mins with wildcards. The new prizes are as such, there are still some older ones available too.

MM has been changed out too but locked before I got to get it yet, so will have to stop back tomorrow. ^^ Goodluck.

NiCo Limited Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board at Nico for a cute mini kimono. The board changes every 20 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Rozena Skin Lucky Board

Rozena Skin has new lucky boards for female skins that changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Also some cute dollarbies nearby as well. Goodluck.

Solange Group Lucky Boards

New lucky board prize at Solange for the plum colored plaid silks. Also the past lucky board prize available on the other side too. Boards change every 20 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Katat0nik Lucky Board

New lucky board for Katat0nik polka dot dresses, boards change every 10 mins with wildcards. Lots of colors to win, goodluck. ^^

Loco Pocos Contest

How would you like to have the entire Loco Pocos avatar collection, free? Checkout this press release:

Since Loco Pocos started, July 9th 2008, we have made a total of 99 awesomely fun and unique Loco Pocos avatars. Our second birthday is coming up, and on that day we will release the 100th avatar!

But, what will this avatar be? You have to guess!

* Must apply by responding to the post with your SL username and what you think the avatar will be.
* One entry per person

First 3 correct entries will receive the entire Loco Pocos collection!

More information on the Pocos blog.

N1CO Lucky Toilets & Freebies & Group Gifts

Timer on toilets are 5 minutes. Freebies above for the Guys.
Also more goodies if you join the group, GROUP GIFTS by door
Female Freebies by door too.

P3 Gaming Lucky Toilet

10 minutes on timer, bring your own toilet paper. (hehe)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frangipani Garden Lucky Board

New lucky board at Frangipani Garden for some lovely flowery hairpins or jewelry. They alternate between these two prizes every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Ayumura Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at Ayumura for various items. The boards change every 3 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Nightshade Designs Lucky Chairs

Some of the prizes have been changed out at Nightshade Designs and they're are teh pretty. The chairs here have various prizes (not all shown here) and change every 10 mins, no wildcards. Don't forget the other goodies nearby too. Goodluck.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SL7B: More Freebies Part Deux

Not just for Mermaids, though they will love it. Go (SLurl) Go now. Major cool.

December Group Lucky Board

Join the December group to be able to win these awesome lucky boards for glasses. You may recognize the red one from the past set but the black ones are new. The boards change every 15 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

RibboN Lucky Board

New lucky board at RibboN, for a cutesy guy and girl jinbei. The boards change every 5 mins, you can see the past set still available too, with wildcards. The new set is trans, and there are many goodies around too. Goodluck.

Enchanty Hunt

Hunt out 6 geta(japanese sandals) hidden around the sim. Collect them all to put together this lovely kimono. ^^ Don't forget to check out the past group gift, the funny barrel for tattoos, and the slot machine for a cutesy house build. Goodluck. ^^

Le Ciel Lucky Board

New lucky board at Le Ciel for a musical instrument. The board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Friday, June 25, 2010

SL7B: More Freebies

The Second Life Birthday Exhibitors were asked to submit landmarks and descriptions of their event gifts for a big list in large part because I started to informally organize such a thing and that upset people. Before I was asked to stop, I got a few landmarks so I'm off to visit them and report to you. So here we go with a few I've been able to visit:

  • Sheep Wagon (SLurl) A cute little vehicle that lets you drive around with a sheep for a passenger.
  • Tree of Knowledge (SLurl) Various freebies in a box, such as clothes, toys, custions, and more. Also, get a free (7 Seas) Fish.
  • Horse Events Group (SLurl)Really cute seahorses you can ride whether you are a mermaid/merman or not.
  • A Cacophony of Influences (SLurl) Strawberry earring and necklace from Sanu and other great gifts!
  • Sentinel Mountains (SLurl) Mediation Ball and Food Tray
  • GRT meets ART (SLurl) Personal thunderstorm
  • Organic Machines (SLurl) Mini Seeing Eye
  • Party Hat and Antlers (SLurl) Free SL7B "jester"-style party hat. Look around for party antlers and other goodies.
  • Lesbos@SL7B (SLurl) Various art pieces and some floaty toobs for your pond or pool.
  • Aero Pines (SLurl) Several mer tails for men and women with AOs! Really cool exhibit to see.
I'll try to post more as I get to them, but get out there and explore! If you see some, post comments here so others can get them, too!

Grim Bros. Matching Game

Only can share some of my fave prizes from the board at Grim Bros. tough matching game. There are dozens of goodies to win and pretty much it's random guess to win. Goodluck. ^^

SL7B: Massive Freebies

From Molly Linden:

"Many people have asked me if LDPW could give away the fountains scattered around SL7B - well we're doing one better and giving away the Bear Island Ampitheatre as well! Both FREEBIES! Tell your friends - only available until SL7B is packed away for another year! Landmark attached!"

Head there now to get your copies! (SLurl)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deviance Lucky Chair

New lucky chair prize at Deviance! It's really popular tonight. ^^ You can win this Elementalist outfit in Rainbow pattern, the prize has a silver or gold trim for it. Amazing detail. @ @ The chair still has the prizes from before and changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Sowelu Skins Group Lucky Boards

New group lucky boards at Sowelu Skins, group inviter nearby, the new skins are up top and older ones lower down. The boards change different times with wildcards. Goodluck.

PixelDoll Lucky Chair

The lucky chair at PixelDoll's has been changed out for mostly school uniform type things. The chair changes every 10 mins with wildcards and new freebs available too. Goodluck. ^^