Friday, July 31, 2009

It is cool to Reek

After spying a giant Hobbes (the "stuffed" tiger from the comic strip) decorating a Gorean clothes shop I had to run to the manufacturer's shop to get my own. The store is called Reek (SLurl) and it has some pretty cool stuff, including the L$1 80's Roller Rink pictured here. A Lucky Board at the entrance features a clever Beatles shirt on a 10-minute timer. Some great L$5 shirts are in the shop and everything is reasonably priced (otherwise I couldn't have bought a ton of stuffs, including Hobbes). If you join their group you can get a nifty toy robot pet. From August 14th to August 30th the store will be part of the 2nd Annual Starlust Panty Raid hunt and you can get more info in the store, under the Lucky Board.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Szentasha Fashions at Whisper Es, free outfit for newbies

Hola Kitties! En esta tienda si tienes menos de 60 días y te apuntas al grupo Szentasha Fashions (hay un cartel invitador allí mismo) puedes tener gratis (free) CUALQUIERA de las ropas muy sexy (es ropa erótica muy bella) que allí se venden. Solo una, pero puede ser cualquiera, la que elijas. Además, en la isla hay un aparato llamado "Sze Freebie Giver" que cuando lo tocas te da un conjunto de lencería erótica gratis. Sólo uno. Como el aparato cambia de lugar cada vez que da un regalo, si te sientas en él te trasladas junto con él cada vez que se mueve y puedes ir TP a tus amigas. Para este aparato no necesitas pertenecer al grupo... ¡Que lo disfrutes! El desafío es econtrar el Sze Freebie Giver, pero como es bastante grande y alto no pasa desapercibido.

Hello Kitties! At this store if you have less than 60 days and you join the group Szentasha Fashions (there is a sign inviting spot) you can have ANY of free clothes, very sexy, erotic and beautiful, that are sold there. Furthermore, the island has a device called "Sze Freebie Giver" so that when you play a set of free erotic lingerie. Just one. As the device changes location each time it gives a gift, if you sit down on it you will move along with it each time, then you can TP your friends. For this unit does not need to belong to the group ... Enjoy! The challenge is to find the device (Sze Freebie Giver) ut is rather large and high does not go unnoticed.

LIFE IS GOOD pressie!!!

Cute table and chair set available at LIFE IS GOOD in the new laboratory. HINT to find the lab : Duck , Pond
*edit* on second thought...that's the owner's hint. It should probably not include ducks.