Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shiki Village Matsuri

Shiki Village is having a Matsuri/Festival/Bazaar whatever ya wanna call it. There's multiple mini games to play for the prizes (and more) shown below. You can also check out the good bargains, freebs, and other stuffs as well. ^^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Dispatch Lucky Board

New and very popular lucky board for a couch at Happy Dispatch. The board changes every 30 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Caverna Obscura Lucky Boards

The lucky boards at Caverna Obscura have been changed around. You need to join the group to be able to win, they change every 10 mins with wildcards and the prizes aren't trans like they used to be. If you remember the old post - most of the prizes remained inside but some have been switched out. These are the new ones below. Goodluck. ^^

*Extra Note - These are unique boards, they will remain on the same prize until someone of the called letter wins. They change in alphabetical order that the prizes in the board are, so goodluck. ^^*

The Mikan Hair Shop has a 5-minute Lucky Board with cute hair and two dollarbie hairs right below it. One of the latter is "mouse hair" with two buns so you look like that famous mouse we all love. Head over to Komorebi (SLurl) then explore outside after your visit. More freebies and stuff in other shops and it is a really beautiful place to visit.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reiko Lucky Boards

2 New lucky boards at Reiko for some cute dresses. Past lucky board for a kimono is available as well. The boards change every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

A Moon Bar Group Lucky Boards

Lucky boards at A Moon Bar, but you need to join the group to be able to win. The boards change every 5 mins with wildcards for a male kimono, female kimono, and hairstyle. Goodluck.

Bitter Bunnie Goodies TODAY ONLY

Thankies to my friend Queenie for pointing this out. ^^ Last day to hit up the BB group lucky boards. They change various times with wildcards. (And I can't stress enough how cute those alice shoes are).

Also there's MMs on their last day available as well.

Don't forget to try the guess what's in the box game for some cute outfits and goodies. Goodluck. ^^

AngelsDemons Group Lucky Chair

New group lucky chair at AngelsDemons for a green and black gothic type dress. Chair changes every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Also check out the main store for many more group chairs and MM prizes. Not all prizes shown here.^^

*Side Note - Most of the Prizes are Trans ^^*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cyber Punk Skin MM Board

Cute green makeup cyberpunk skin available in MM board at Womens Dreamy Bodyshop with a target of 100 slaps.

Faux Pax Freebie Outfit

Cute freebie outfit ( jean mini skirt and tube top) available @ Faux Pax. ^^

Tendrils Dollarbie Hair

Cute dollarbie hair available at Tendrils hair shop.

HUDSON group gift

HUDSON has a new group gift available, a gothy evening gown. Click on sign for group invite ^^

Complete Avies!

This is why it pays to look around after slapping a board or claiming a chair mentioned in group chat. Look what I found! Two complete avatars in Midnight Mania boards at Amber Lights Village (SLurl). Even the motorcycle is included.

Salire Freebies & More

Group gifts on the first floor while the Lucky Boards, Freebies, and Dollarbies are on the 2nd floor at Salire in LOVE Its (SLurl). Really cute stuff. I love the Knit Check set dollarbie. Did I mention "Gacha Hair" ... million-dollar cuteness for L$7!

L&H Clothing Stuff!

Group gifts, Lucky Boards, Lucky Chairs, and Camping at L&H Clothing in Costa Del So (SLurl). Very nice stuff. The boards are fairly fast and traffic can be high. Skins, clothes, shapes, and more in this store (see? I rhyme some of the time).


I'm being dragged around a lot today ... and its fun! I got a couple of the several group gifts at COCO DESIGNS in COCO (SLurl), like this tee & shorts set. Another was a transparent bulky bag with an Apple iPad inside. Hopefully the iPad is functional.

Syaka Boards & Group Gift

Syaka is a nice little shop with three Lucky Boards and a nice group gifty. Check them out in Oiran (SLurl). All the goodies are on the second floor, including some awesomesauce freebies, but check out the Gacha near the entrance!

Ice Coco Lucky Boards

A friend showed me these ten Lucky Boards at Ice Coco, each with 5-minute timers and what looks like some nice hair as prizes. Check them out in Lycanthrope (SLurl)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Boxed Heroes Lucky Chair TODAY ONLY

Thankies to my friends Ami for pointing this out. ^ ^ (Sorry still wanting to take a break but this should definitely be blogged). The adorable kitty from the OmNomHunt has now been transformed and turned into a cute tiny av. Chair changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

"Here you have our second tiny, based on the sushi dispenser we gave out in the Om Nom Hunt. As many people demanded, we have made it an avatar :)

Aaaaaaaaand it will be available in the lucky chair at the main shop during the next 24 hours... so it will be removed tomorrow Tuesday 27th July at about 10 AM SL time.

Don't miss this cute tiny!!!

Thank you


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oceane's Beauty Group Gift Skin

Oceane's Beauty has a new group gift skin available. Inviter nearby and no fee to join for this one. ^^

Glasnost box o freebs

Glasnost has thrown many of their older items into a box and set to free ^^ The box is available on the table by the entrance as you can see pictured above. Some really cute stuff in here but tiny tiny store so watch out for crowds lol xD

+*Heart Softens*+ group hair

+*Heart Softens*+ has a cute new group gift hair available. as well as an older group gift still available to pick up too. ^^inviter nearby ^^

{*Lovely Hearts*} freebie

[*Lovely Hearts*} has a new opening gift that includes both a male and female outfit. Also some lucky boards nearby for a unisex shirt and cute dress ^^

Long Pink Dress LB

Evergreen has a new cute long pink dress in the lucky board. 5 minute timer on this one so it goes pretty quickly ^^

(be sure to follow the red beacon on this one, a little hard to find)

POSH freebie fatpack

POSH has a freebie fatpack of hair available in the center of their store ^^ Look for the little giftbox on the table as shown below.


Freebs also shown :
candydoll subscrib-o gift skin
S@bbia group gift outfit

Freebers Peepers

There are actually a few cute freeb eyes out there lately, but some of my favorites are those from Umedama Holic.

There are 2 styles available near the front entrance of the store. You are looking for eyeballs on a table, as shown below ^^

oh, and skin shown is a freeb from RUSSH LUSSH ( click the boxes on the floor for the skins)

Sunny Soon Su LB Skins

Sunny Soon Su Skins has 3 really cute skin boards available, and a board with eyes set to a lower 5 minute timer. Some group gift skins available nearby as well ^^

Narwhal Subscrib-o outfit

Freebie outfit available in the subscrib-o at Narwhal. Click to join and outfit is all yours ^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

LKC Blog Break

Going to be taking a bit of a break from blogging for a bit. Hopefully the other writers will have time to blog, but don't be alarmed if there is silence for awhile. Thank you for reading and your support. ^^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

!129129 Group Lucky Boards

New group lucky boards at !129129, group inviter nearby, they change various times with wildcards. Goodluck.

Gee's Group Lucky Board

At Gee's Geisha & Maiko Products shop there's a group lucky board, inviter nearby, it changes every 3 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

M*Motion Limited Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board from M*Motion for a cutesy blue bikini set. Board changes every 5 minutes with wildcards. Goodluck.

MM Rezday Run!

Way to celebrate my RezDay by doing a MM run, woo! ^^

Funtastica Pet Snake

Funtastica Funny AFK Attachment

Funtastica Pet Hamster

Green Mermaid Set

Blue Mermaid Set

Sculpted Moose

Bubble Guppy Mermaid Fatpack

Square Donuts Sculpt Pack

Shuttle Bug

Angelwing Group MM for Silks

Complete Kitchen