Sunday, November 30, 2008

Xmas @ Locos Pocos

Go to Locos Pocos every day starting today for a present from under the tree (SLurl). Also: "Win a HUGE prize gift card by guessing just how many gifts will be given away during the 25 Days of Xmas event @ Loco Pocos!" Visit their blog (Web) to enter.

Advent Calendar Gifts! - THE COMPLETE LIST (we think)

Lucky Advent Countdown, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

Updated Dec. 1st/08

*If any information is wrong or something is missing, needs to be added, please contact Serenity Semple in-world via notecard. Thank you* ^^

Thankies to Frurry for pointing this out. ^^
Loco Pocos X-Mas Tree, Click a Present (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Lynaja for pointing this out. ^^
KOSH & Concrete Flowers, following message from Lynaja - it starts on 1st of december to 25th. there will be a new prezzy everyday and the gifts will be mixed. accessories, clothes, skins and more.on 25th we will have a big prezzie pack. each present is only available 1 day, till the next present follows. (Daily Changed)

WRONG should have a new clickable different present under the tree (Daily Changed)

Reaction should have a new clickable different present under the tree (Daily Changed)

Thankies to CroneMinerva for pointing this out. ^^
Advent Calendar, click the #1 to open the mini door to recieve the prize (Daily Changed)
ALB Dream Fashions

Thankies to Fifi for pointing this out. ^^
Advent Calendar, well daily gift under the X-Mas tree at Ivalde. Must join Ivalde,Embla&Ask Design group. (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Agnes for pointing this out. ^^
Apparently ChaosLotus going to have Advent Calendar (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Star for pointing this out. ^^
Sari's will seem to have an Advent Calendar going. (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Cully for pointing this out. ^^
Cully made her own list and it was so good I decided to just attach it in here. ^^
From Cully's in-world list:

Christmas decorations

Gorean themed sim with objects and clothing.

Unsure what will be in this advent calendar.

Gardening materials and poofers

Store sells clothing, skins, and accessories, also has a monthly group gift at door entrance. some cute stuff

Good clothing

12 days of Christmas, starting 12/1 (gifts will be hidden in store)

Quality unknown

Advent Calendar

Daily search for green moose face image (looks just like the one on the sign at the main entrance.

Thankies to Eileen for pointing this out. ^^
Advent Calendar at G&N Designs, click the day on the board to recieve gift (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Eileen for pointing this out. ^^
Need to be part of the DYN Clothing group but click daily under their X-Mas tree for a gift. (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Yummy for pointing this out. ^^
Advent calendar near the lucky chairs at SLC Fashions. Click the right day to get the gift (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Saori for pointing this out. ^^
Advent Calendar at Fairy Unique Designs, click the day on the board to recieve gift (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Fidella for pointing this out. ^^
Sway's Creations advent calendar is a bit different so please read the instructions carefully (Daily Changed)

Thankies to Eileen for pointing this out. ^^
Baby Monkey has an Advent Calender

Advent Calendars by Lucky Designs

Thankies to Lalinda for pointing this out. ^^
GL Designs

Thankies to Lalinda for pointing this out. ^^
Gwendolyn Cassini Creations

Thankies to Lalinda for pointing this out. ^^
Dilly Dollies

Thankies to Catee for pointing this out. ^^
Angel's Designs

Orchid Dreams

This blog blogged by Kira McCallen, with help from Pinkie who got me all the SLURLs, because you can't cut and paste LM's. ~(^-^)~

Please contact Serenity Semple before republishing this list. The Crew put lots of work into creating it. Thank you.

Guns Guns Guns

The Crack Shot Gun Club (SLurl) has this nice box of guns for free when you enter and a Lucky Chair by the door with more guns, a dart board, and other prizes. It is a 60 minute cycle, though, so be patient or play the various target games near by while waiting. You'll be tempted to shoot at the humming bird, but it won't get you anywhere. It looks like a very nice store. I'll have to try the "Award Winning" cemetery they advertise. Look on the back wall for information about their "Add to your Picks" reward program. Thanks, Lucky Kitty aliantha Brezoianu for telling me about this shop.

TalTECH Weapons has three Wonder Chairs (SLurl) with four styles of pistols as prizes. Like Crack Shot, this shop offers shooting galleries, a Picks programs, and a wide variety of weapons. Having shopped here for a while I can vouch for the customer service. Top notch, really.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

*Bebae* Group Gift

*Bebae* group gift skin :D

To receive this beautiful skin join *Bebae* group :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt: Last Days

The last couple days for the 2008 Isle of Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt are here. I've been getting tons of comments about how much fun folks are having and how much they like the prizes (worked my itty bitty kitty butt off for those). Though this style of hunt has been used on the Isle before I've had a small increase in the number of folks giving up. Well, some of the legs were bigger last year.

Like most of my hunts, this was not a Click-n-Grab. It was designed to be a game. So, for those with little time or patience, let me make the game a wee bit easier (okies ... a whole lot easier). Contact me in-world and I'll send a note card to you with all the landmarks for all the prizes. These landmarks will not let you teleport directly to the Turkey Legs, but if you click an LM in the card then click the Show on Map button, you merely need to follow the red arrow. Go in sequence. Each leg will give you the Secret Phrase needed for the next.

If I don't get back to you I probably missed your message. Send a note card as my IMs are capped quite often. The hunt will shut down sometime late (late late) on November 30th or early December 1st.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Skin Freebies :D

Yay! more freebie skins, this time from MMS group and Belleza group for thanksgiving!!

First up by MMS (group gift, there's 250L fee to join)

Next up Belleza (also group gift but free to join) friend Sophia told me about it, Thanks :)

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free-Range Reindeer Avies

Thanks to Lucky Kitty Aelon Rhiadra, our Headquarters (SLurl) is now home to a herd of Free-Range Reindeer. Pop in and "buy" each box for L$0 and you'll get your own herd of avatars. Colours are Albino, Snow, Biscotti, Emo (that's a colour?), and Cocoa.

SK Designs - Chairs, Mob, & More

Lucky Kitty Forgotten Seetan was calling chairs at SK Designs (SLurl) today and I was glad when she called a U. I got a nice outfit from the chair and saw a great Mobvend (see pic; L to R: Me, Poodle Schoonhoven, and Forgotten) for a L$150 outfit that drops to L$50 with surprisingly few people near by. Right below is a freebie box (three nice outfits and a tattoo), and two Lucky Chairs on 5 minute cycles. Great store. I wound up letting my alt spend some money there.

Monday, November 24, 2008

RC - Cluster & Food

Maybe it is because my name is a food, but I have a strange hobby of collecting free SL® food. Trust me when I tell you that the stuff from the corner pantry of RC - Cluster (SLurl) is great quality. Wonderful for decorations or just spiffing up your avie. And it is all calorie-free regardless of the prims you consume.

More seriously, the section has several signs with information on the problem of world hunger, many of which you can click for a note card, and Interweb URL, or both. Come for the food, stay for the humanity.

Or just cruise the store. It has some really cool stuff as freebies, "cheapies," and bargain-priced merchandise in categories that defy naming. I spent $L100 within minutes of arriving. Extra bonus? The Lucky Chair is on a short cycle and Redd Columbia updates the contents often.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Union Micro Dollarbies

Union Micro (SLurl) has some nice quality past Freebies set as Dollarbies including a dragster, a racing 'Christmas Tree,' and some other funky things. "Past" is emphasized because this is one of the first stores I had been to when I came from the Teen Grid in June of 2006. My brother used to be in a Lucky Chair finders group with Serenity (Our Dear Leaderess) and took me to all his favorite stores. Not being a landmark person I've been having a bit of a time finding them all again. Either they've moved or gone out of business, or I just can't remember them.

No Lucky Chair at Union Micro these days, but there is one at THiNC (SLurl), one of my other regular stops on the Lucky Chair trail. Among the others are Lapgirl (still with a chair and now more; SLurl), Cloud9 Skyboxes (No chair; SLurl), Adored clothing (Wonder Chairs, now; SLurl), Awesome Designs (Many chairs!; SLurl), and some place that had Slut Suits. Wish I could remember that place. The owner made some clothes custom for me but griefers and Copybots made her life hard. Dang. Can't believe I forgot her name or that I can't find her stuff in my inventory.

Group Member Tags

1429 members ... wow! And all of you now have access to each of the creative Tags Serensei has created. Simply Right-Click on your current tag and choose Groups... From there, find the Lucky Kitty Crew group and click on it once. Then click the Info button. A Group Information pane (like you see at left) opens and in the bottom left corner is a drop-down box that lets you choose which tag you want to wear. If you think you might be missing one, click the Members & Roles tab then the Roles sub-tab you can see all the titles available. Clicking on a role will show everyone it it. Or find and click on your name in the Members sub-tab will show all your available tags.

Sound complicated? You have a mouse. Click and see what something does. You can't break it.

The Shops at Crush Row - Turkey Hunt! 11/21-11/27

Through a strange turn of events I found myself hunting turkeys last night, go figure. The Shops at Crush Row is having a Turkey Hunt! Almost all of the shops have put out at least one turkey stuffed full of goodies. (0L or 1L). Here's a pic of me using the /me pose's pose to try on a pair of the AOHARU shoes. Ok, this outfit is a mess but I was busy looking through everything and wanted to share it all! There is all sorts of goodies at this hunt including gifts from: Concord Clothing, Punch Drunk, 7th Street, TRUTH, AOHARU, BOOM, /me poses, +plus, Whimsy, Aitui, Sn@tch, Role Optic, House of Nyla, the oBscene, Crash Couture, GBL, F&C.

In this pic i'm wearing Concord clothing skin, Role Optic glasses, GBL ear muffs and ring, Punk Drunk outfit, /me pose, and AOHARU shoes. BTW, the turkeys behind me are the little fellas you'll be looking for. This is a nice and easy hunt and fill with high quality items, have fun!!

XStreet SL Freebies

With brick-n-mortar stores having stuffed the shelves with Christmas merchandise before Halloween was over, I thought that I would have seen more such treats featured on Xstreet SL's freebies page (Web). But a quick look this morning showed only one recent item: Imagine! Creations: Ice-Dancing Snowman (Web). Not that I'm complaining. This is a nice looking, though animated for rotation only, decoration. You can bet I ordered one :)

Otherwise I found but one freebie that interested me today, and that was a nice gown from Madison's Creations (Web). Sometimes during the Holidays I have to put on a dress of some sort and this looks wonderfully wintery.

CnS pose store hunt & LadyBird freebies

First Up! Obscene Skin from CnS hunt.... I like it! bright and funky :D the word came to my mind was "Snow Queen". The hunt ends on 23rd at 12pm so if you haven't been there HURRY!!!
There are other goodies besides the skin, pose balls and what not (i'll post some more later when i find all of them :P)

Next up! freebies from Ladybird!
The pink hoodie & skirt are from lucky chair (changes every 5 min) and the red sweater & skirt are freebies set on the cart next to lucky chair. they have cute and cheap poses there, if you like taking pictures or own a photostudio.

This one is also from Ladybird, not freebie, but it's only 10L, "Yukidaruma Cham". I'm not Japanese so i have no clue what it means, but i'm guessing 'snowman'? it's snowman making animation. It's CUTE!!!!

If you wanna get them you gotta go to Ladybird

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pixel Doll's Group Gift Wool Plaid Coat

Hello Kitties! :D This is my first post so bare with me :P (and yes i'm a big smiley whore)
As most of you know Pixel Dolls send out group gifts often, and today they sent out Wool Plaid Coat and Gloves. Perfect Timing because I've been looking for winter clothes :D

Oasis of Lesbos Video again highlights an Isle of Lesbos Resort property. This time it is the Oasis of Lesbos (SLurl). High-end clothes, skins, jewelry at pretty good prices. The freebs are pretty minor and seem to change often. But it is a beautiful build. Look for the Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl) in the sim to the southeast ... many freebies and the Turkey Leg Hunt blogged about earlier (Web).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Off Brand Furniture - Camp Item/Profile Pick Award/Freebies

I love a nice free box. As you drop into Off Brand Furniture the first thing you'll see is a box sitting at the entrance. Don't panic! They aren't moving out, I think it's just a shipment that they haven't unpacked yet. Grab this box for 0L. It sits two and the top spot has two different poses in it. Very cute!!
free box

How do you relax? I like to do it in a small tub with a few of my closests friends and some watermelons. So imagine my delight to find that Off Brand Furniture also has this melon cooler out as a camp item. Enter the shop and to the left is a sign with the melon cooler on it. Touch it and camp for 10 minutes. Easy.
Melon Cooler
AND you're not done yet!! Put the shop in your picks, then return 24-48 hours later, touch the tree stump sign and get a pressy!! It's cute tree stump that fits 3 avies, the book is included in the pose, it's so clever. And the texture under the tree stump can be changed to match your landscape. love this!
tree stump
There's a few more freebie/cheapies in here. Also, the furniture is well made and very reasonably priced. While you're camping take a few minutes to look around, nice things!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a POSER!! - Rouge Pose Freebies

I love taking pictures and it's so much nicer when I have a good pose to work with! CodeBastard Redgrave has worked hard to create some very nice poses. She's put this couples freebie out at her shop at the Rouge Sim. *grins, thank you Mr. Oh for helping me model the pose* While you are in the store be sure to check the lucky chair for goodies too!

AND Codie has added a pack of 3 individual poses for 0L on This is one of the three. How cute!! If you'd like to know a little more about how special these poses are you can read here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ingenue and Maitreya Gifts!!

Betty Doyle has moved her store, Ingenue, to the LoLo Sim and is celebrating by treating us all to gifts!!! TP to the store and there are 3 easy to find little gift boxes around. (hunt runs through next sunday, 11/23.) Also, join her Hippo group systme (not the subcrib-o) and get the Bye Bye Baby - Plum!! Everything that comes out of this store is really well done. I'd say it's worth keeping up with her, especially if you like retro.

And THEN go over to Maitreya for a full set of classic pumps. Just join the Subscrib-O there and you get the gift. The heel on the shoe is a little too modest for my taste, but all together a nicely crafted shoe and generous gift.

btw, don't forget the hair sale at ETD. I got this nice style (Juliana) in 5 colors for only 25L. woot!

What's in the pic:
Ingenue ~ Bye Bye Baby ~ Plum; Maitreya Group Gift Pumps, Black;[LAP] Red Carpet Diva Pose Set, classic left;
Ingenue Gift ~ Mama Loves Mambo ~ Pink; Maitreya Group Gift Pumps, Pearl; [LAP] Red Carpet Diva Pose Set, other shoulder;
Ingenue Gift ~ Good Luck Charm ~ Aqua; Maitreya Group Gift Pumps, Red; [LAP] Red Carpet Diva Pose Set, gutsy;
Ingenue Gift ~ Polynesian Princess ~ Lilac; Maitreya Group Gift Pumps, Pearl; [LAP] Red Carpet Diva Pose Set, reluctant star;
Hair - ETD, Juliana

[ba] barnesworth anubis homes - furniture freebies

*clears her throat and speaks clearly, but with an overexcited tone as this is her very first LKC post! wooot!!*
Barnesworth Anubis has always been one of my favorite home builders in SL and now he's giving out gifties!! When you tp into the [ba] barnesworth anubis homes store find the board that says Freebie House Tour (should be just to the right of the tp entrance.) The board contains a notecard with directions and slurls. It's quite easy really. Take a tour of the gorgeous homes and while you are there you'll be offerred gifts from above! fantastic!

Prizes include items like lounge chairs, topiary bushes, oooh! a nice cream colored cushion (like a floor sofa for two), chaise lounge (my fave) and a tub with floating animation (my second fave.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turkey Leg Hunt

The 2008 Isle of Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt is starting a few hours early so come on down! Go to The Isle of Lesbos (Women Only; SLurl) or The Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl) and look for TEN Roast Turkey Legs in each sim. We have some great prizes with a Home for the Holiday theme: fine furniture, decorations, art, and many other seasonal items. Remember, though, that like last year's Hunt you'll need to find just the right leg first, click it, and say a Secret Phrase. That leg will lead you to the next.

On the Isle, think about looking in a cold place first and use this Secret Phrase: Eat Ham (just like that, no punctuation).

If you start in the Mall, think about a pretty lady of the sea and use this Secret Phrase: Eat Ham (yah, it was easier for me to do it this way). There are some BONUS LEGS in the mall from several fine merchants:

Clover, by Silk Mandel
Purple Xtasy, by Edyth Aviatik
Sappho's Desire, by Mystiphi Giha
Rufeena Home Store, by Zazas Oz
Divine Discipline, by Meagan Mertel
Raindance/Xanadu Treasures, by RainbowK Jua
The Poultry Co., by Uccello Poultry
and Others that may join after this notice is sent.

Uccello Poultry
Isle Secretary & Turkey Herder

*-OP-*/*OP-J* Item Camp

An adorable little kimono shop (you may remember it from past posts) *-OP-*/*OP-J* has updated their item camp with a new kimono. ^^ Just camp for 35 mins to get this lovely piece!

In other news I updated my av, be scared. XD Happy Camping Crew!

Click here to Teleport to *-OP-*/*OP-J*!

Friday, November 14, 2008

G Field Dollarbies & Freebies

G Field has some attractive Dollarbies & Freebies (SLurl).

NTT Docomo Mobile Freebies

Communications giant NTT Docomo (SLurl) is willing to give you free stuff if you take a few moments to learn about the latest mobiles and then "vote" for your favorite. You can get an in-world copy of a mobile (I got a Nokia E71; Web) plus you get a goodies pack with some sweet headphones and a nice, scripted-for-style-change muffler. Beware the sheep outside. They are always staring at you. Thanks for finding this Serensei! I'm having fun exploring the sim despite the sheep.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shiny Girl Chairs

Shiny Girl, a popular latex rubber fetishwear shop (SLurl), now has two chairs. Ten minute cycle times and it looks like the prize doesn't change between letter changes as the previous single chair did. But the one on the left is for males and the one on the right is for females.

A nice store to visit. It has kind of a Sci-Fi feel to it in a nice, natural setting. With the chairs up front one might be tempted to not look around, but it is worthwhile as the products are very nicely made and good values.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Antique Artistry House

Very nice freebie from Antique Artistry (SLurl). Thanks for finding this, Queen! The other structures for sale are of similar design and are attractively arranged around several sims. Quality seems to be good.

Tiny Tingle Sale

Happy Rez Day, Comka! To celebrate she is having a sale at Tiny Tingle (SLurl). Here are some details:

To Celebrate we're having a 24 hr sale @ Tingle Tiny Store


spend 150L get a 150L gift card
spend 250L get a 250L gift card
spend 500L get a 500L gift card
spend 1000L get a 1000L gift card

Sale will start on November 8th and only lasts 24 hours

Also, from 2pm till 4pm i will celebrating and dancing at the garden of the main store. Also i will put some gift cards on a lucky eggs:)))

see u all there!!

Love you all:)))
Be sure to wish Comka a great birthday. Tinies ROCK!

Fyrefly Spaceship

New at Hug☆Mart (SLurl) is the Fyrefly, inspired by the Firefly-class space ship seen in on the TV show Firefly (Web) and the movie Serenity (Web). This highly detailed and complete, fully flyable vehicle sells for L$3450 but has a feature list to make any geek drool.

All the ship's areas seen on the show are in this craft, including crew quarters, med bay, cargo bay, and common areas. It even comes with a flyable "mule" for travels outside the ship.

So why is a non-freebie showing up on the blog? No one said the group is only about free stuff. If you have any great shopping tips, product recommendations, or favorite shops, drop me a note card in-world and I'll get it featured here (or at least do my best).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Retail Space Lottery

It has been six months since the last drawing for a free six month lease (makes sense) on retail space in the Luna Oaks Galleria (SLurl) and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot (SLurl). If you want a shot check out the the official Wiki (Web).

Creamshop Pictures & Freebies

After reading about a new retail space called Creamshop (SLurl; sources Web & Web) I was intrigued enough to visit. Normally I don't hang out in malls or shops, but with the continuing trend to make shopping an an environmental experience means that there are some really good builds out there. Most seem to favor a grungy, post-apocalyptic them (like Little Heaven, SLurl) and Creamshop is no exception.

You begin your experience in a sewer and wander out to see a partially flooded cityscape, awash in rain and the beginnings of decay. Despite the appearance that there are many shops it is really just one divided up by product type into store fronts, again following the general design trend I mentioned. And holding to this form is the obligatory appearance of blood smears and ominous signs of a horror movie set.

If it sounds as if I don't like the place, well ... I don't. It is a very well designed and executed concept (too many annoying texture flickers from overlapping prims) but I'm not big on dark and dismal. And since there are so many environments like this in-world now I had rather hoped for something more unique. And, as expected, the products fit the shopping center theme. Most of it looked very good, but certainly not my style.

So the post title implies multiple pictures ... that was to suck you in. Go to Creamshop and look around. Poke in all the corners and wander into spots you might not think have any items for sale. Even if your tastes are similar to mine the visit is still worth your time. Just don't expect any freebies. I didn't find even one. The title sucked you in again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Analog Dog Freebie Hair

Analog Dog has several free hair styles, including this style called milli brown sugar. It is a two-piece set taking the skull and chin attachment points. It flows rather nicely and is a great look for running naked on a beach.

When you arrive using this (SLurl), turn around and look for several spheres near an Obama Campaign flag. All the spheres have the same styles, but click away as you know you would anyway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Heart Freeb & Camp

T-shirts. eh. Nobody really tells others when they find a free t-shirt. Or if they do, it's only in Group Chat, not in a message to get a Group Note. But the shirt (on three layers) from Black Heart (SLurl) is worth a blog post, at least. Also, the store has a 300 minute camp chair for a skin (SLurl). Yah. That's all day. You could use the time to learn to make skins.

But check out the store anyway. The shirt is cool and many of the items for sale are even cooler. Mecha-Neko-Apocolypse-Grunge-Punk-Techno-Geek stuff. Nice.

A New Item from Ordinal Malaprop

Follow the red arrow when you use this SLurl to get a Free Remote-Controlled Miniature Balloon Gunboat from the famous Ordinal Malaprop! Lots of cool freebies here. In fact, this is where I got the Freebie Giver Box I've been stuffing back at LKC HQ (SLurl). oh ... get the free rifle outside the building.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What This Group Means To Me

I like being a Lucky Kitty. No, not lucky like the one in the pic (though that would rock!), but a Lucky Kitty in Second Life®. Part of me is rather pleased I was computer-free for the last couple weeks. It seems that there was some drama in the group that led to feelings being hurt, butts being kicked, and lots of faces being frowny. I heard just the tail end of some blog controversy and steered clear considering I know what it is like to get grief from within our ranks.

Then a friend came to me, hurt by some of the fallout and feeling rather disillusioned with the group and more, wondering what I thought about it all. I reminded her why I'm in the group ...

Looking for freebies, chairs, and the like or jumping to a chair that has my letter is a means to explore this wonderful world we all live in. I find so many interesting places and meet a great number of interesting people. If you read my blog (Web) at all (it is okay if you don't) you'll notice I get much of my material from this exploration.

And I like to be helpful. If you call me to a chair and the prize is transferable, I'll probably give it to you. I'm not here for the prizes, but sometimes I get ones I like. So, I guess I'm also in the group for the freebies, but that isn't my main reason.

I'm here for my friends. If they left, I'd leave, too. This group can be downright fun. Even when I get jeered for expressing my opinions. Even when I get bombarded with Friend offers because I'm a U. Even when greed overtakes people and I am screamed at to SIT SIT SIT!!!

Why are you in this group? Lots of "lucky" groups out there. Some are bigger. Some are focused on specific avie types. Why this one?

Cyber Bunker Free Avie

Lucky Kitty Nelly Swindlehurst ponders the free AV Robot from Cyber Bunker (SLurl). Maybe she has the same questions I had ... "Do I really need to join the group to get the gift?" (apparently not it turns out) ... "Will this outfit make my butt look big" (Um ... yah ... as big as all Uranus ::::gigglemew:::).

Near by is another freebie, a flight booster. And the rest of the mall is fun to browse. Lots of nice stuff for Sci-Fi cosplay.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ETD Sale

ETD is my favorite place to shop for hair. So much so that nearly all the hair I own comes from Elikapeka Tiramis's shop (SLurl). Now she's having a massive sale! Most items are priced at L$30 or less. Fatpacks run as little as L$100! Check out the discount area, too. That is where I picked up this style for men. It is called Sleek.