Thursday, July 31, 2008

Musashi-Do Main Fashion Shop Freeb

I've wondered about Musashi-Do since I found a wonderful freeb from them on SLex about a year ago. According to About Land at their store (SLurl) their theme is "Italian fashion meets the far east. Every style of Men and Women's fashion. Suits, dresses, gowns, clubwear and lingerie."

Turns out it is rather nice. I'm buying things even as I write this post. All I know is that I get hit on a lot when I wear this crop-top outfit and some of the other clothes look like winners, too.

Male and female in two bags on a table in the lobby, but there is an SLex exclusive freeb here. It is a Motorsports Race Queen outfit much like one they sell at the store and it is transferable. Makes a nice gift.

'Bot Attack!

From Serernity's Group Notice from earlier today:

Well that just scared the heck outta me, enter the chapel and get a freeb Gorgeous av. Though oddly enough when I entered the real Gorgeous appeared, danced, dropped the world on me and I think I had a heart attack, no LM only SLURL
Being curious I dropped in and my Mini-map showed an avie quite near by, but above me so I figured that Gorgeous was probably waiting. Into the building I went only to be pelted with planets (okay, 1m diameter prims with an Earth texture) and then I was swooped and talked to very earnestly in Japanese! Deciding I didn't need the freebie (No, I'm not it it for the freebs) I simply looked around then left and came back so I could be swooped again, this time with my translator active.

[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: Uccello Poultryさん!よくきたね!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Uccello Poultry! Don't you think? it came well!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 君のハートにレヴォリューション!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: In your heart [revuoriyushiyon]!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 私の名前はキャプテン!ヘビー ゴー☆ジャス!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: As for my name captain! Heavy go* JAS!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 泣く子も黙る宇宙海賊さ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: The space pirate where also the child which cries says nothing!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: おっと!ポーズがちょっと違うけど、そこはご愛嬌だ
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: [tsu]! However the pause just a little is different, there is charm
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 奥のシートに座って私のネタムービーを見ていってくれ
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Sitting down in the seat of the inner part, it keeps looking at my news item movie,
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: それから、2階にはヒロザ画伯による私の絵画ギャラリーがあるぞ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Then, there is my picture gallery where is by the [hiroza] artist in the 2nd floor!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: すべて売り物だ!絵をクリックすべし、120L$均一!お買い得だよ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Entirely it is the merchandise! Should click the picture, 120L$ uniformity! It is good bargain!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: そだそだ 忘れるところだったぁ、今日の記念にゴージャス変身セットをあげよう
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: The fascine fascine the [a] which is about to forget, gorgeous transformation set will be increased to present commemoration
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: 左の箱をクリックしてゲットしてくれぃ!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: Clicking the box the left, it gets, the [i]!
[15:02] GORGEOUS Landar: では、ごゆっくり!
[15:02] UT v8: GORGEOUS Landar: So, slow!
[15:02] You: Nice bot.
Pretty obvious Gorgeous is a well-programed 'bot. The Rock Vault sim uses 'bots in much the same fashion. Nice little bit of fun and if you need an odd costume, go for it.

NorthStar Mall

TONS of freebies scatttered about the NorthStar Mall. Here are some SLurls for a few of the best items. Starting with this one pictured, about 50 avies in one box.

A wall of dollarbie avies & free ones is here.

A unique Micro-Sized avie is here.

Dollarbie clothes & accessories here.

Free avies & pix of others here.

Free Orange Toon Fox here.

Free sound files here!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Hope

Mission Statement: Project Hope was created to empower and support women, individually and collectively. We are committed to fostering hope, opportunity, peace, and empowerment for all women. Project Hope provides a nurturing environment of healing, courage, and strength. (SLurl)

Update: 31 July. Just got word this event is postponed to 10 August. I'll post more if needed.

Freebies from Torley

Linden Lab®'s beloved Torley Linden now has his own sim as she proudly announced recently on the official Second Life™ blog. It is a fun place to explore and watch his popular video tutorials in-world, not just on the Web. It is also a place for Freebies!

And you can find several when you first arrive (SLurl). The free Follow Cams will change your avatar's point of view (sometimes nauseatingly so) and a "Stop Viewer-side Effects (drop this in your objects as needed)" script will erase hover text from a prim and more. Caution: Gathering these items is strange. You 'Buy' the cams and touch the the script sign to get the script. Other items in TorleyWorld are Take-a-Copy.

Right next to these are Torley's textures and a texture viewer. You can also get the textures in other places and I've seen better viewers (I love the free one from Prospero Linden. I heard from a friend that some watermelon clothes are near by, but I didn't see them. FYI: I recorded the SLurls for the various freebs I found but managed to lose them. Sorry. They aren't hard to find and you'll want to explore anyway.

If you head across a small bay behind the texture vendor you'll see a walkway skirting the water. A small bucket with a fish gives a fishing rod when you click it. Didn't try it, though, but I plan on trying it when I go back. I tried to make this a quick trip. If you look carefully in the water you'll see some bubbles rise and a small stick near by. Maybe. It seems that someone put in a sea mine rezzer.

So when you grab one of the free boat rides (you don't get to keep the boat) be very careful when you drive around. You can't circumnavigate the island, but it is a fun way to get to the games arcade. That 'someone' is Ravenelle Zugzwang, by the way. Also known as Mrs. Torely, I suppose. She seems to be the Architect, Landscaper, Artist, Designer, Builder, and Chief Cook (lot of eggs all around).

But I get ahead of myself. If you explore around the little bay before heading to the walkway you'll find some shelves with a box of 100 prims (w00ters) and a bottle of SLixir. Both are really gag gifts but cute. Behind the shelves is a bulletin board where you can post pix you've taken. Also near here are some bunnies you can sit on as they sit around egg shells. Eggs and watermelons are definite themes here.

About that Games Arcade: Here you will find a free guitar and some of the art on the walls is 'Take-a-Copy'. Of course, you can play the games, sit on Kimagure (AKA Bashful or Inky) from the Pac-Man game, or just hang out.

Lots of places to hang out in this sim. At most you can watch some video tutorials but others are just for fun. There are a couple "dueling" spots that I haven't figured out. Maybe I should have logged in one of my hundreds of Alts to help me. This spot is cool, even if you don't mess with the sky settings like this pic shows.

Of course, you'll find Torley's office. Kinda blends in with all the green and pink and .. erm .. artful clutter. So drop in to Here (yes, that is the Sim name) and explore, grab some freebs, and maybe even learn a few things.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Retrology 1 Year Anniversary

THANK YOUUUUUUUU so much to the Retrology Designers without whom I would not have such wonderful new outfits!

Favorite outfit find is this dress from ::eLDee:: free for the Retrology 1 year Anniversary. You can find it here: for an EXTREMELY limited time.

OMG, LOL!!! And while you are there...
Grab your free pink "Crotch Swan" complete with silly dance at Kitsch en Couture. This is so awesome!

Top photo:
Hair: Untamed in Sea Mist by Naughty Designs (not free)
Top/Skirt/Belt: ::eLDee:: Zana (free for limited time)
Tights: Digit Darkes Couture Sliced (not free)
Shoes: Periquita SueShoo Sandal in Green (not free)
Pose: Torrid Wear High Fashion 1 (not free)

Redesign for Boneflower~Jungle Voodoo

Another place I look forward to exploring is the redesigned Temenos sim, home to Boneflower Designs and Jungle Voodoo. I popped in to swoop the new Lucky Chair for this outfit, the Kitten Paw Sweater Outfit. As you can see, there is a black skirt and a white one, but there are three tops in each color, too. The 'Glitch" pants look great without the skirt, I'm happy to say (not a skirt-lovin' kitty here). Boots, socks, hair, etc., not included (naturally), but you can see what they recommend in the pic. Think you might find them to buy in the store? hmmm?

BTW - Grab the Free "Somebody Loves You" kitty next to the Lucky Chair.

Blossom Earings by Orchid Dreams

Get them here Free!
Then take some time to explore the store. It is gorgeous and the merchandise appears to be top notch. Same goes for the rest of the sim. Most Japanese sims strike me as poorly constructed versions of their game shows (and there are some sims with Japanese game shows). This is at least as nice as the Bare Rose sim called White Wolf.

If you know me, you know I don't shop a lot. Being a Lucky Kitty is mostly social for me. But I got a bit lost in this shop looking at the beautiful hair and clothes, both traditional and fine contemporary. I'm going to send my alt here, for sure (I use her for storing things, but she's Japanese and I dress her up now and then ... storage and paper doll ... LOL). I might even let her camp the Lucky Chair (no, she is not a Kitty).

Fabulous Flowers from Shiny Falls

If you love to landscape, head on down to Shiny Falls for these fabulous flowers. You'll get a set of five ranging in size from Huge to Tiny with full Copy perms so you can fill your land with acres of blooms or multiple locations in SL™. Each bunch is only 10 prims regardless of size but this can add up if you put several on a small lot.

I'll add a few to my land and a few to the Jungle at the Isle of Lesbos, but first I'm headed back to Shiny Falls. A couple months have past since I last bought some things there and a few goodies caught my eye. It is a great place to pick up decorative and fun goodies whether you love to landscape or not.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Message about things you find

Serenity, our group leader, sent out a notecard today. If you couldn't open it or don't look in Past Notices, here is the version she posted in the group IM.

Hello Crew, Just wanted to let you know that one simple thing. IF YOU DON'T MESSAGE ME OR TELL ME IT WON'T BE POSTED

Just saying it in chat and hoping someone writes it down and sends it to me, really isn't gonna help. :s Things that last for an hour or super time limited are understandable. But don't be surprised if you mention something in chat and don't send me anything that it'll recieve a post or anything.

This issue has come up a couple time with people asking for hints/cheats/etc. for hunts and they haven't been posted to the group. Seriously, yer wasting yer time asking here for the most part. I know not all the notices stay but for the most part SPEAK UP.

I highly appreciate the efforts many crew members have taken to take time to send me an IM and I try to thank you in the post itself. So good crew members please keep up the work. Bad crew members need to report to the Highly Mobile Oppression Palace. Thanks. ;3

- Serenity

Editing the Viking

This is the new Viking Girl outfit from Bare Rose. Simply fabulous! It was released today for only L$140 for Pink (shown), Brown, and Black -- a bargain! Not shown: either of the optional swords. Shoes not included, but most sandals would be appropriate. The hair is ETD's Chandra in Burnt Honey. I'm standing on the big viking boat at the Isle of Lesbos Mall.

Like most outfits, the attachments needed some adjustments and that got me thinking: Items with many prims can be hard to adjust as you can see in this picture. All the blue outline can be confusing and make it easy to lose the X,Y,Z handles that need to be dragged. Notice that Show Hidden Selection is checked in the Tools menu. After adjusting, don't forget to detach then reattach each object when you are satisfied with the changes. If you crash before successfully logging out, none of the changes will be recorded.

This is the same view, but with Show Hidden Selection unchecked. Much cleaner view. Much easier to adjust complicated attachments, especially if you are going to edit linked prims. Of course, this is also great for anything you are building or editing, not just attachments.

Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung

This must be a happy mistake. It looks like an avatar is mislabeled in the basic inventory (Click the Inventory button then navigate to Library > Clothing > Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung). It is listed as Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung, but as you can see from this picture, it is really something else. The parts are listed as MaleWoodElf inside. When you drag the folder onto your avatar (or your name tag) a copy is put in the Clothing folder in My Inventory. Let's hear it for Inventory Bloat! Seriously, it's nice to have a backup for when you modify things.

Which, if you are female, you are going to need the mods. A search shows no lady counterpart, but you can easily change that. Simply go into Appearance (right-click your avatar and choose Appearance) and change the gender. Use the Save As ... option to give the shape a new name. That preserves the original shape in the same folder. Of course, you can add your own skin, eyes, hair, or whatever. In fact, you might want to change the skin if you miss your personal bits. Unlike many Linden Lab© avies, this one has nipples but nothing else, if that matters. Be careful changing your shape, however, as the ears are not prims. This means they still look good if you change the skin, but they go away if you try to use your regular shape.

The pants and shirt are on the Underwear layer, for some reason, so no tatts, folks. The cloak, the belt, and the boots are fabulous. I can certainly use them with other outfits I have. Strangely, when I check Properties for the hair (right-click the item in the inventory and choose Properties) I see that the hair can be modified, it doesn't work in actual practice. To really personalize this great avie you'll need to find other hair rather than mod this nice one. I plan on copying and modifying the boots, though. They are top notch.

As a content producer in Second Life™ (my store is here) I would like to remind you that when you modify things it is good to give credit to the original maker, even if the pieces are provided free. Thanks, Wraith, for a great Avie! Check out her other work at Fairy's Grove Creations.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Everyday Girl Boutique - Dollarbie Tanks (Cuteness) and some Mini Skirt Sets

I love finding new (to me) designers with little boutiques that are generous and offer dollarbies. Check out Everyday Girl Boutique. Alas, the tanks didn't come in my size, but they might fit you!

Bad Riot Vend

The IM dinger went off when I logged in this morning and I found this comment from a not so Lucky Kitty, Usra Ostrich:

Can you blog about this? It's a crime! I went to Rare Breed to help with a Riot Vend and the bloody thing was a rip off! One minute we all heard [2008/07/24 23:10] [HeZ] RiotVend Vendor 1.0 whispers: Bring more people to make the price go down! Then *blam* the price went up! It never announced "Lowest price reached" nor did it warn us before rocketing the price from L$100 to L$500!!
Along with this pic (click for larger image) from just after the price increase, Usra gave me the SLurl for the shop, but I won't dignify them with the potential traffic it can generate.

My experience is primarily with Mob Vendors from Shep Korvin (store SLurl), but I imagine the other branded unit works the same ... some warning is given, usually a small price increase. If this is as borked out as it seems to be, then this is unconscionable.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arghmeow, Matey!

LKC's Juno Alter and I bumped into each other at Pirate Kitty!

From the note card:
Beneath the Pirate Kitty store lies a maze of mystery and surprises.
Explore the caverns and hidden passage ways but becareful not to get lost! Along the way you may find treasures and prizes free for the taking!

Start your journey by entering the small water pond at the front of the store. Make sure you search each room carefuly for any hidden treasure.

Look for treasure chest, jewels, and silver coins!
This was a fun hunt. By following my early childhood training in mazes (at the exclusive Kitty Obedience Skool in Farfaraway Beach, Connecticut) I found the first treasure by taking each left turn I could. Nice prizes, but you know me ... I'm in it for the fun. Okies, the Emo chicken is cool.

Some of the swag from the Hunt and from inside the store.

Bare Rose Scarlet Yarn Hunt

Reminder: You have until Sunday, July 27th to complete the Bare Rose Scarlet Yarn Hunt!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Isle of Lesbos Hunt: World Flags

The Isle of Lesbos is proud to announce another of it's unique prize hunts: "Where is the World? World Flag Hunt"! Twenty international flags have been hidden on two sims. When you find one, click it and identify the flag. If you answer correctly, you get the prize! Don't worry, each flag gives clues and you can answer as often as you want).

Ten are on the main sim and ten are in the mall sim.

If men want the 10 prizes from the Women Only side, drop a notecard to Uccello Poultry with the names of the 10 countries from the Mall sim and she'll send them along.

Hint for Stuck Hunters:Most of the flags are set to 'full bright' so try looking at Midnight.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are Freebies Killing the Grid?

Of all the 16¾ tonnes of blogs about Second Life™ that one could read, is one of my faves. But I was shocked at her post "Are Freebies a showstopper?" from today. Then when I saw it all stemmed back to comments by pundit/gadfly/lightning rod Prokofy Neva I relaxed and read on with some amusement.