Monday, May 31, 2010

Glam Affair Group Lucky Board

Thankies to M4ri1yn for the heads up on this sweet lucky board giftage going on at Glam Affair. ^^ For the next couple months there's an avatar type setup that will be available in the group (costs L$50 to join) at Glam Affair. Currently it's the dress in the board (my fave btw XD) and it changes every 10 mins with wildcards, but for the first couple days it's set at 5 mins. Goodluck. ^^

"After years of successful enterprise, Glam Affair wants to say thank you to our loyal Customers with three special gifts: a dress, a skin and an hairstyle.

The first gift is -Glam Affair- Malaika, a special dress done with love and attention. You'll find a totally new concept regarding the wearability of the article: the shadow layers, created for a perfect and impeccable fit.

The gifts will be delivered to our Customers via Lucky Board that will start to run on Monday June 1st with the gift #1.The prize will be changed in July (prize #2= the skin) and August (prize #3= the hairstyle) and the articles will be never sold.

In order to redeem the prize the Customer needs to be in - Glam Affair Updates - Group secondlife:///app/group/ef8be113-2c1c-27e7-67c9-d59069d4947d/about (the group ha a join fee of 50L$ to avoid spammers) and the waiting time will beset on 10 minutes."

Bluebird Sim Hunt *Warning - Difficult*

There is a difficult hunt going on the Bluebird sim. I do apologize as these gifts look better than my pictures because I can't take pics well, but they should be good enough to give you an idea of what these things look like. The hunt is obviously for little blue birds. I found 18 in total but no telling if there's more or not. XD Goodluck

#1 - Driveable Go Kart

#2 - Eyes, they change between 3 different modes (glassy, normal, and cats) and 2 colors (red and blue)

#3 - Skatebord

#4 - Mens & Womens worker outfits

#5 - Blue Feather Dress

#6 - Mens & Womens Shapes (No Pic)

#7 - Table & Chairs Set

#8 - Cage you can sit in

#9 - House

#10 - Empty Boxs labelled Certain Things

#11 - Female Skin (No Pic)

#12 - Glasses

#13 - Skybox

#14 - Planter Shelves

#15 - 3 Poses

#16 - Rolling Barrel

#17 - Garden

#18 - Birds ^^

Best of luck and once again sorry about the pics. XD

Couple New MMs

The other pets were popular so here's the update for the new prizes. ^^

Shooting Star Japanese GridWide Hunt

A very cute and fun gridwide hunt has begun on 20 japanese stores. Pretty much you're catching shooting stars for your prize and then taking the LM in the folder to the next one. Find the particle shooting star trail and say /7 Catch by it, try to time it right to get the prize. The prizes are worth it and the stores are cute. Best of Luck! ^^

shooting star huntJune 1st - June 15th
hunt start shop LM

what shooting hunt?This hunt doesn't look for the item. This hunt catch the moving light. If light approaches you, you will say. say "/7 catch"And, you can get the item of the shop and LM of the next shop. :)Catch is good at light by many people. You should not wait one's turn. However, you approach light and say. /7 catch

(このハントはアイテムを探して0LでBUYするものではありません。各店舗に動く光のオブジェが設置されていますのでその光が自分のところに来た時、もしくは自分から近寄りチャットで/7 catch(スラッシュ7半角スペースcatch)と言いましょう。うまくいけば光からアイテムと次の店のLMを貰う事ができます。獲得した商品はフォルダで送られてきます。

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shiki Village Group Lucky Board Festival

Shiki Village is having a group lucky board festival, if you need a group invite there're all around the area. Some of the boards are not functioning but most are. They change about every 5 mins, with FREE aka wildcards, and GAME which means it will ask you an addition question to win. Here's a couple boards to share but there are many many more. Goodluck.

Lo*Momo Group Gift

Another amazing group gift is now available at Lo*Momo and you do not want to miss out! Join the Lo*Momo group and click the poster for this amazing dress! Past goodies available too. ^^

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Je*Republic Group Lucky Board

New really nice bloody school uniform in the lucky board at Je*Republic, group inviter is available in the store along with other lucky boards. It changes every 20 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

SLMame Lucky Boards

New lucky boards and various shops all over SL Mame Mall. You'll find many good prizes, these are a few I thought were nice. Have fun exploring and goodluck. ^^

Rose Princess Limited Lucky Boards

Like most lucky boards from Rose Princess, besides the amazingly pretty things, these are limited time. They're mermaid eggs with poses, one is a moon and one is an earth and they are trans. They change every 5 mins with wildcards and you can win them at a couple locations. Goodluck. ^^

Witch Babe Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board at Witch Babe for a flying V guitar. It changes every 5 mins with wildcards. Also a new group gift nearby. Goodluck.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yukata Lucky Boards

New lucky boards available at this little Yukata shop, they have some past Sakura Wars themed lucky boards too and freebs. They change every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Time of Angel Lucky Board

New lucky board for candy earrings and also above it is a group gift for a matching hair/hat hairstyle. Board changes every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Libber's Lucky Board

New lucky board at the Libber's shop branch at SLMame Mall. It changes every 12 mins with wildcards. Also calls numbers and is transfer. Goodluck.

Animal Friends MMs

A couple cute animal friend MMs I thought I'd share since they're so cute. ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CHAIR'S Lucky Board

New lucky board at CHAIR'S for a popular lonely girl bathtub. It changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.

Moon*Child Group Lucky Board

Join the Moon*Child group, group inviter nearby, and there's a cute board for a white fluffy dress (goes great with white kitty wear) and changes every 3 mins with wildcards. Other boards nearby too. ^^

K's+m Lucky Boards

New lucky boards available at K's+m and some group ones as well. They change various times with wildcards. The new prizes are some kitty boxs to sit in with a kitty friend and some landscaping items as well. Goodluck.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Giant MM Run. XD

Ya I thought I'd do another. :3

Grim Bros. MMs with a Secret Prize and a Unique Skin

Dangerous Blue Outfit

Painfully Dangerous' Cottage

Dawn Designs Latex Outfit

NV Outfit & Marionette Bones

Broken's Insatiable Angel Tattoo

Roxxstar's Starry Shirt

MKW's Black Uniform Outfit

Fairy's Collection Hello Kitty Simple Set

Tragic Beauty's Skulltastic Outfit

Purple Rose Jewelry Set

Giant Orgy Palace XD

Freya's Designs tribal outfit and also a group one next to it for a darker outfit

Dilly Dolls Yellow Dolly Type Outfit

Custom InkZ Fishnet Outfit

Envious Creations Seductive Elf Outfit

Neko Outfit with Animated Cat Accessories, Boots, and Dress

McFabulous - Cheeseburger Outfit XD

High School Drop Out Outfit

Mini Biker Babe Boots

Pixel Humping TShirt

Envious Designs Group MM on the left for Fashionista Red and normal on the right for Hasty Kitty