Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I don't know about everyone else but there's this almost rash of places closing. I apologize for no pics because there probably should be some but here's a list of the current stores I found are closing (found out just starting this weekend and it's such a shame, make sure to check them out.) ^^;

Muze - various very nice womens clothing that I never got to find before I found this out. Everything is marked down to L$10

DollyRock - this fashion shop has been around SL for 4 years but is closing it's doors. Mostly a clothing shop for women but many other things too, everything has been marked down to L$75

Sissy's Textures - Well known Texture shop who has provided nice goodies for a long time, they're even still available until the shop closes which is soon

DeVOL - A wonderful japanese shop, mostly providing tattoos but also various hairstyles and fashion as well, everything is marked 50% off

Brilliante - A newish japanese jewelry shop with various goods, there's even sweet treats as well. Everything is marked 50% off too

*Noju* - Very pretty japanese fashion and hair shop, they still have their past goodies and no sale but it'd be a shame to miss out on some of the nice items here

I hope all the readers may spread the word and check out these works of art before they are gone from the grid. RIP you amazing shops. :c