Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky Kitty Crew Review

Just wanted to make a post that I've been putting off for a bit (since I've been busy trying to respond to what occurred recently) but I finally think it's time for the post.

Many people have been very supportive of past issues going on within the crew. As those within it may have known I was facing harassment through certain members in the group. It got vile enough as to those I considered as friends were calling me things like a 'nazi' or 'dictator' because I tried to enforce rules and keep things civil in chat.

Part of me pities that people could not be mature enough to respect that some groups (especially when they size up) need some rules to keep things orderly. I tried to have officers to help enforce what I could not but for some people that really wasn't enough.

So I made a tough decision and one that I am trying to sort out through this day. I removed almost every member except those who I considered friends or were on my friends list and now have kept LKC a more private group.

Working your butt off to get yer tail stepped on can be so tiring after awhile, so I felt this was the best action to go on to calm the fires that were occurring. Was it the right thing to do? Hard to say. But I keep trying to plan out a way to repair the crew - now granted this may not be able to be done and if so the group will remain private or maybe down the line I will close it all together.

I know I would appreciate feedback on this post (please keep it productive and not fling insults, that's really just childish). But I wanted to at least say thank you to all the support I have been receiving and sorry for things coming to this point. ^^; Hope to be posting more often.

P.S - Love Soul chair added the cute new noodles set to it and I can never win these darn secret prizes!
- Love Soul can be Found HERE -

Frurry - Lucky Kitty Crew Friend and 7Seas Hall of Famer!

Our Dear Friend, Frurry, is officially in the 7Seas Hall of Fame at #99 with a whopping XP of 50,010 as of the time of this post. Check it out!

create animated gif


In case you have No Idea what I'm talking about, check out the 7Seas Fishing Game in-world by visiting the 7Seas Headquarters

It's a really fun game where you literally fish. There are special rare prizes to be had, and rare custom store prizes at different stores all over the grid.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tortec & Mixed Nuts rebuilt/remodeled

Today the lovely Sandie Bing let the kitties know that Tortec & Mixed Nuts had been rebuilt and remodeled. It's quite a nice build and lag free!

If you haven't checked out this store before, now's the time to do it. Two Midnight Mania's one located in each store. They have some clever, useful and fun items there too, including a special gift just for Lucky Kitties.

Here's the slurl

*hugs* Cat

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Avatar Rendering Costs and how to view what your's is !

Firstly need to have your advanced menu available at the top of your screen if you do not, then do the following:

Hold down your control, ALT, Shift and D key now Advanced will appear on your top toolbar.

Go to Advanced, then in the list that apears choose Rendering , then from that list choose Info Displays , then choose

Avatar Rendering Cost.

This number is how hard the server has to work to render your avatar. The higher the number the harder it has to work.

Higher numbers can cause teleport problems, loading problems etc.

To reduce it, remove prims. To turn off ARC just uncheck it.

Hope this helps *hugs* Cat

Friday, February 20, 2009

Primalot Neko Avie

It's been a little while since I've been to Primalot, but thanks to Lucky Kitty Nat Donat's recommendation I popped in and snagged a rather nice Kimilu Pussycat avatar (SLurl). That's right, it's a complete avie ... skin, eyes, shape, hair, teeth, clothes, and critter bits ... for free! Some past freebies and dollarbies are on the shelf and two Lucky Chairs are near by. Be sure to check out the rest of the shop, too. Very attractive with some nice goodies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Week 2009

What? It's Fashion Week 2009 and no one told me? OMFrickin'Goodness! Okies, I'm probably the last person who should know. But I read about it at the Alphaville Herald with appropriate ooohs and aaahs over the pretty pictures (Web). You can head over to the event with this SLurl. Pic from Socialite Life (Web).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Freebies at XD Fusion!

New Freebies at XD Fusion! (SLurl) The ever-generous Todd Borst just released a Shop Owner's Answering Machine, a device that lets your customers leave a message for you and dispenses gifts. Todd has used this in his shop for some time now to find out how folks learned about his products. Also new to the wall are Dynamic Floor Lights. They glow to lfe when an avatar steps on them. Try them out in the shop. Like the Answering Machine, this goodie is full perms. Past freebs are still available and the shop has some wonderful things inside.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More than a Secret Lucky Chair List

A previous post exposed a Secret Lucky Chair List (Web) but our on-going investigation shows that the conspiracy now involves Secret Codes. At the bottom of the Lucky Loot List (Web) is an ingenious computer interface used by Those In The Know to lock away freebies in a hidden server, keeping them from the general public. This reporter has learned, however, that for the time being the system is pretty easily hacked (see pic at left). When you breach security you'll see a Secret Code that you can use to unlock the server.

Once at the Super Secret server facilities (SLurl), interface with the control panel and input your Secret Code using a special encrypted communications channel. The server then coughs up (eewww!) a special set of "delicates" tailor-made just for you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Midnight Mania's part duex

I promised ya'll I would post the Midnight Mania list. Keep in mind this is updated as I stumble across them, someone else does and advises me or a kitty posts in the group and I'm on. This was updated today, some vendors may have moved but I've tried to get you as close to the MM as possible. These shops all have fantastic items so take a look around while you are out clicking on the MM's. Lastly if you come across an MM not on the list, please send me a notecard and I'll get it added. Enjoy ! *hugs* Cat

4Eva Gutta
333 Designs
Alpha Core Shopping District
Angel Affects
Angel's Designs
Angel Wear
Arachne Silks
Art Design Gallery
Baby Monkey
Beachcomber Isle
Caly's Creations
Darkest Desires 4 MM's here
Design Inc
De La Fae (couple of them)
Dilly Dolls
DYN Clothing
Electric Eclectic Neko & Shoefly shoes
Euphoria house of fashion
Evil Neko
Fairy Unique Designs
Fnordian Furniture & Magic Items
Fugly Jewels
GL Designs
Handel Mainstore
Horny Beast Designs
Horny Beast Designs (2nd one)
Hotties Hot Textures
Industry Wear
Jaquies Sell House
Jezzable's VvB Stilettos
Jan's Lifestyle Living
JC's Wonder Mall
Kitten Kaboodle
LapGirl Boutique
Leyda Style
Lions & Butterflies
LOK's LowPrim Furniture
Loser Designs
LowPrim High Style
Lucky Designs
Mystikal Hair *MG Fashions* AnaLu
On the Cover
PixelDolls LaPerla
Precious Memories
Prims 4 U
Psychotic Neko
Reel Expression
Rock'N Rose
SD Wears
Serendipity Landing
Serina Lacava
Studio Hera
Sweeter than Candy
Sun Made Fashions
Surreal Style Tattoos
Taffy's Designs
Tantalizing Treats
The Caproni Style
The Wicked Garden
Tiny Bitty
Tizzle Tattoo
Toco Designs
Tragic Magic
Tragic Magic 2
TUi Neo
Vellas Land
Wet Dreams
Wish shoes
Yesterday's Closet
Zuma beach

Helpful Tip from Devlin Kiranov

Lucky Kitty Devlin Kiranov sent a note card with a great tip for improving SL performance when rendering sculpies! Thanks, Devlin!

Sculpted prims are now a huge part of Second Life's Abilities to Create! If your not using them because of the lag you think it creates or the Blobbyness some sculpted prims seem to be at distances, then this tip is the Amazing Fix to that!

There is an Amazing Fix for this, that will not only help your Sculpted Prim Viewing Pleasure and not use up all your resources.

Debugging your LOD settings is something that can and will make all your sculpts hold the intended detail better.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Show the "Advanced" menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
2. Select "debug settings" near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


4. In the box below, set the number. The recommended setting is as high as 4 to have all your sculpts looking as the creator intended.

Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you! And it will improve the look of all sculpts.

Enjoy and pass this around, so everyone can enjoy the creativity as it should be.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Midnight Manias!

I heard someone say... Midnight Mania's are like having Christmas every day, you log on and have MM presents to open! So without further ado I'm posting my very first Midnight Mania spotlight.
This lovely gem was snapped at Thalia's Fashion Collection . Not only does she have two Midnight Mania's but also two mob-vends with some fantastic items which drop down to 1L now that's what I call a real deal.
Here's the SLURL for all you Midnight Mania hunters. My next post will be a complete list of the Midnight Mania's I've compiled (with all you lovely kitties help)

Friday, February 13, 2009

14 Hearts Tour

Maybe I've been too busy making prize hunts to notice how many Grid-Wide Hunts there are going on right now, but I wandered into Worldwide Industries and found a 14 Hearts Tour
(SLurl). Apparently this store is stop #9 and by clicking on the heart I got a prize and an LM to stop #10, INDI Designs (SLurl). S'pose I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that the prizes are clothes in both spots. No idea what is at the other locations nor where they are. It doesn't appear that the gift givers are set to Show In Search. And I don't know if this was mentioned in LKC past notices, either. With Google, though, I found it listed in SL's Community Events (Web) ... details and a start point, it seems.

Petz Go Hur! (Pet Village Item Camp)

So what am I doing this fine Friday afternoon? Why...petting a giant kitty of course!

I so love kitty things and doing this 15 min item camp to get a pettable and rideable giant kitty just is so worth it! Come by today. ^^ Requires 15 mins of pets to receive.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paying Respect to the Penko - Aqua Shop GONBE!

Stop by Aqua Shop Gonbe this weekend for some CUTE penguin Valentine's Goodies! Pay your respect to the Giant Penko (10 min camp)

To receive this:

Also, two Lucky Boards at this location

Lucky Board here for this:

Okay, I totally love Aqua Shop Gonbe! Thank you to Gonbe Shan for this cute Valentine's Gift!

Arigatou gozaimasu Gonbe-San!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Secret Lucky Chair List EXPOSED

Hidden deep in the bowels (ewwww!) of the Interwebs is a secret list of Lucky Chairs (and other Shep Korvin products), the prizes, and SLurl teleport links to each for the elite freebie seekers in Second Life©®℠™. Clearly, the Powers That Be don't want us mere mortals (and nekos, furries, immortals, demons, elves, thingoids, etc.) to know about it. Click the picture to see it live, but first keep in mind that not all chairs in-world are connected to the list at this time. Documents I've found show that the systematic takeover of chairs is on a voluntary basis for now, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (Shep, to be specific!)? Another secret site (Web) lists info on how those in the know can join the initial stages of this "revolution." Best study the information well and be aware of the Inventory clogging effect use of this evil scheme may have. I can see how it could break the asset servers and leave us all nekkid, forced to buy new clothes.

Lucky Kitty Crew/Mixed Nuts Group Gift

So lucky you to be in the crew! Mixed Nuts (our own kitty member Sandie) has made an awesome gift for you all. So head to Mixed Nuts with your title active and click the giant Lucky Kitty Crew gift display to get this...

CUPCAKE LAUNCHER! Because's blasphamy to be in the crew and not love cupcakes. XDDD Sandie models this fine piece of work very well!

LKC Exclusive : Preview BareRose Hunt

So because I'm so excited about the upcoming BareRose hunt and I got a chance to beta-test it. This is a special sneak peek at the female outfit for the BareRose hunt. (It also comes with shoes if you do the additional hunt. This outfit has a male and female version but here's a preview of the female one)

Even has a cute mini bow and arrow that attachs to your hip. I can't wait to be posting this hunt! (Remember like always the BareRose VIP have first shots when this hunt is posted. Not that any bloggers care or are reading this but please respect that and let them go first ^^)

Stay tuned to future posts and thanks for the support. Much luv to BareRose!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Isle of Lesbos 2009 Valentine's hunt!

The Isle of Lesbos 2009 Valentine's Hunt starts February 7th and ends early on the 15th. A quick hunt but well worth it.

Each region has seven hidden hearts. When you find one, click it and say I Love You (just like that .... no punctuation, each word capitalized) to get your prize. The Oasis of Lesbos has some extra hearts hidden by the merchants inside their stores so there is more than seven to find (how many? hmmmm. I don't know. Still waiting to hear from the merchants, but at least two.)

Oh ... sometimes the hearts move. Must be gravity or something. If any male wants the prizes from the Women Only region, contact me! Please respect our preferences and you might even get some erotic art for men!

♥ The Bay of Lesbos (SLurl) Bikinis & water toys.
♥ The Isle of Lesbos (Women Only here; SLurl) Special shirts & party gear!
♥ The Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl) Jewelry & a custom structure!
♥ The Oasis of Lesbos (SLurl) Bikinis, jewelry, & more!

In the Oasis, look for the extra hearts in these stores:

♥ Ayiki (Skins & Shapes; SLurl)
♥ Los Texanos (SLurl)
♥ Raindance (SLurl)

Does your store or mall have a prize hunt? Drop a note card with details in-world (or reply to this post) and you can get some free publicity.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Black Canary - Lucky Chair Prizes

The Black Canary Lucky Chair - Porcelain Prince

TBC Lucky Chair - Porcelain Prince, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

The Black Canary Lucky Chair - Frigid Belle
TBC Lucky Chair - Frigid Belle
TBC Lucky Chair - Frigid Belle

The Black Canary Lucky Chair - Winter in London
TBC Lucky Chair - Winter in London

The Black Canary Lucky Chair - Blizzard DancerTBC Lucky Chair - Blizzard DancerTBC Lucky Chair - Blizzard Dancer

I can't remember which outfit I won when, but there are at least 3 outfits currently in the Lucky Chair at The Black Canary. 5 minute chair with lots of wildcards. Have Fun!


All Outfits by The Black Canary

Shape - El'n Noobie Starter Kit (Free)

Hair - Ember by Deviant Kitties (Not Free, but totally awesome. I modded the white version to Full Bright)

Skin - Deadly Lust Doll Skin by Domestic V (Was on sale a while back)

Photo Booth - Basic Photo Booth (Hunt Item from Isle of Lesbos Turkey Leg Hunt 2008. FYI, women only)

Boots - Lazy Places Vlinder Butterfly Rezzing Boots (Not Free, but I totally love them)

Poses/Dance - On the Cover Sit Pose Cube (Lucky Fortune), Luth S4 12 from Reel Expression (Group Gift), TorridWear High Fashion (Not Free), Studio 4D Dance 47 (Not Free)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tide of Paperwork

Sure, the working conditions are pretty good (I mean, how many people can float around in a warm ocean while working?), but trying to keep up with Group paperwork isn't always fun. Between working membership rolls for several groups, notices posted from those groups and more, and the unending IMs on all manner of topics from more people than I personally know, my Instant Messages often cap a couple times a day. When I can I just leave my avie logged in to catch all the messages. I'm sure many of you are in a similar boat. Imagine poor Serenkitty's inboxes!

Please! When contacting me or other LKC officers, please send note cards. I leave my LL-created Note Card folder empty (having moved all the cards I keep to another folder) just so I can see new ones. I'm sure I'll still find the need to float around while digging through logs and e-mail boxes to find missed messages, but hopefully I can cut back on this use of my time.

Thanks for your help! Now if I can get a ban on "blind" offers to rent in other people's malls ...

(Like the 'kini? It's from Nanogunk (SLurl) and was free at one time. The shop has some other nice freebies, too.)