Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sometimes I like to shop

With recent changes in the weapons policy at the Isle of Lesbos I thought I'd upgrade my collection of basic freebies with some nicer, high-end goods. So I popped into Gryphon Lair (SLurl) to get the nice sword and shield you see here. I found it on SLex first, but decided to check the store because prices in-world are sometimes lower and buying in-world saves the merchant the commission paid to the web vendor. Okies, I have a shop on SLex, too so I do value their service.

But as is my style, I wandered the shopping mall and found it to be a really attractive build. A common area has dancing, places to relax, artwork at ground-level, and a nice gallery in the central tree structure. Most stores are stocked with some nice builds and seem to be good values. And there are freebies.

The pic of me ready to fight was taken in a library (SLurl) in the mall. I could call it a book store, but all the books are free! Choose from Mark Twain, the classics, Jules Verne, and others. Maybe not the kind of freebies most folks are hunting, but variety is the middle name of Second Life™.

The next pic shows the first freeb I found, a nice collection of artworks (SLurl). This store is also pretty typical of the quality of goods I found. Many shops had clothes and there is even a branch of Silent Sparrow here. Certainly well worth a look if you like medieval or other "period" clothes and non-contemporary stylings.

Item Camp at Happy Style Mall

Come on down to Happy Style Mall. There's this lovely 10 minute item camp for a Grey Flower dress (right) and a Grey Knit Bolero (Left).

Hey, now you can see my Periquita shooz. And yes I'm wearing two different colors. ;-)


Monday, September 29, 2008

A Lovely Dark Look for October

Here's a lovely dark look for the upcoming month of October. Photographed at the NEW Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters, which is all decked out for Halloween.

Black Buckle Dress courtesy of Candace Morgwain of Sweeter Than Candy

Unnamed Tan Halloween Giftie Skin, courtesy of Nykki Heartsdale, in a group gift from her lessthan3 group!

Rust N Skull Bracelet courtesy of Lynaja Bade, of KOSH, and currently available at the Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters!

Eternity Necklace courtesy of Violet Voltaire of {Violet Voltaire}, and currently available at the Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters!

Fae Dolly Pose in pic #2 is from LAP, and was free during a (*lol*) Poop Hunt

Not free are my Hair, Naoki by Kin (I'm totally in love with this hair), and my shooooooooz that I'm in love with from Periquita (Bought the fatpack during her 50% off sale).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucky Kitty Crew New HQ

Now coming to you live from the new Lucky Kitty Crew HQ~! We're expanding and we even have it decked out for Halloween. Here's the pic of some of us hanging out there..um we're pretty unique, ne?

*Also if you're a Creator we accept donations of Freebs/Dollarbies Please Contact Serenity Semple if you're interested in donating*

Missing Out

It's great to be able to pop in, grab a freebie, and then zip off to the next one. Time and time again it is better to stay for a few moments and look around for a bit. This proved true again at Tyototsu Farm (SLurl). I grabbed the freebie "veg picking anims" and then looked in the near by store. I found these ... erm ... furniture pieces? Too cute to pass up for L$10 each. I grabbed the Steak (top right) and the desert (bottom left). How Serenity missed these I'll never know.

And right below these treasure is something I really can't believe she missed! A murderous bear!! Murder, blood, mayhem! Oh! The Bearmanity of it all! Should be nice for Halloween, of course. And isn't there someone you would like to see being dragged off by this evil plushie?

Another reason to stay and look is you might spot other freebies. I answered the call to help with a Lucky Fortunes machine at Sugar Mills (SLurl) and found these freebies just hanging on the wall. Sure, they might have been in a previous notice, but I didn't see it. So looking around is good.

Update (a few hours later): The "Food Furniture" are really Wearables, like the sign says (I thought it was an Oops). You can walk around while wearing them. Each box has a "regular" and an "AFK" version. The main difference is the latter has a flag that I'm guessing says AFK, or something like that, in Japanese.

Cyber Rapunzel Lucky Board for Skin

I got this great skin from Cyber Rapunzel in CyberCity at TOCHIGI JAPAN sim. Lucky Board is set at 20 minutes. Skin is called Cyber Halloween.

It's very popular right now, so go quick and you might find that you win quick!

Skin - Cyber Rapunzel Cyber Halloween Skin (Free from the Lucky Board)
- ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin (Not Free, but has 2 lucky chairs, Prize Raffle, Item Campers, and gives away clothes at events ALL THE TIME)
Hair - Kin Naoki (Not Free, but has great cheap hairs in the discounted section)
Ears and Tail - Purrrrrfect Kitties White Fluffy Ears and Tail with Celtic Dream (Not Free, but check out the Lucky Chairs!)


Friday, September 26, 2008


Roy Blanchard shot an IM to me about his Lucky Chairs being on U. Always great stuff at Hug☆Mart (SLurl) so I teleported as quick as I could and was surprised by four chairs! And he has added a Lucky Fortunes machine to his chairs and MobVend.

Sadly, we weren't "fortunate" enough to be a matched pair (I've never won anywhere on that thing) but he's a bear and I'm a lesbian and ... well, let's just say that our folks might object and leave it at that.

If you are a tiny bear like Roy or any kind of Tiny or know one or wanna be one, Hug☆Mart is a great place to shop (Disclaimer: I have two vendors there and donated land to the group) for just about anything you can think up that a Tiny might need or want. When I began in Second Life not many Tinies wore clothes. You should see the selection here! Around the corner to the right of the chairs is a huge (funny word for a tinies store) selection of freebies. Some even work well with full-sized avies.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lucky Kitty Crew Officer - Seeks Cosmic Bond for 100% Mystic Connection

ASL = 27/Female/@ Fluky
Enjoys: Long Walks on the Beach, Staring at Lucky Fortune Machines, and Winning!
Seeks: Lucky Fortune Companion with 100% Mystic Connection

Alas, most of my match ups end up like this:
[22:02] Lucky Fortune Teller whispers: But does a cosmic bond exist between our two subjects?
[22:02] You: Darn
[22:02] Lucky Fortune Teller whispers: Kira McCallen and Spooky Dezno have a mystic connection of 85%
[22:02] Spooky Dezno: darn
[22:02] Lucky Fortune Teller whispers: A good result, but not a strong enough bond to win my treasure. Find a pairing that scores 100% and the prize is yours!

Kira McCallen and Spooky Dezno have a mystic connection of 85%
Kira McCallen and Sandie Bing have a mystic connection of 40%
Kira McCallen and Colorful Sinister have a mystic connection of 40%
Kira McCallen and VaryHarry Sak
have a mystic connection of 50% (SRSLY, I'm not making this shit up)
Kira McCallen and Sileny Noel have a mystic connection of 75%

Please save me. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sugar%20Mill%20Grove/217/157/29

[23:20] Lucky Fortune Teller whispers: Kira McCallen and BabyKat Tyles have a mystic connection of 100%
[23:20] Lucky Fortune Teller owned by Bronwen Llewelyn gave you 'Malice' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sugar%20Mill%20Grove/218/156/28 ).
[23:20] You: omg
[23:20] Lucky Fortune Teller whispers: Congratulations, the prize is yours!
[23:20] You: AHHHH!!!!
[23:20] BabyKat Tyles: ummm wow
[23:20] You: YAY!
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:20] You: YAY!
[23:20] You: YAY!
[23:21] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:21] You: YAY!
[23:21] You: WOOOOOOOO
[23:21] You: OMG!!!
[23:21] BabyKat Tyles: Ha ha ha ha - he he he!!! =D
[23:21] You: Yes!!
[23:21] You: Finally!!!
[23:21] BabyKat Tyles: Ha ha ha ha - he he he!!! =D

Victory is mine!!!


Madame Winter Skin at Domestic V - 5L

This really great skin at Domestic V comes in 3 shades and is currently only 5L! I have no idea how long this lasts. Hurry! I'm wearing Virgin Snow with Deep Bronze in the background.

Also, walk around the corner to the right and find the 80% Off Last Chance Section. Really awesome stuff here. All cheap.


Milu*Cake Halloween Lucky Chair

I loveeeeee halloween and I love SL foods, so when I heard Milu*Cake added a Halloween Lucky Chair. I rush down to have at! I felt super lucky to find there are 3 prizes to be won! Unfortunately no wildcards...

First prize up is the Milu*Cake Pudding Ala Mode & Bat Wand. It sets off a glow here and there while equipped.

Next is the Milu*Cake Japanese Pumpkin, this is a good snack especially if you have places to rez and people to click and enjoy the treat!

Then lastly and one of my faves is the Milu*Cake Halloween Witch Hat and Apron set, it makes for one cute little witchy waitress look!

Also if you're like me and love collecting sweet stuff, click the Halloween Sweets Magic Pumpkin by the left side of the entrance for many choices of snacks to om nom!

So this is Serensei wishin you luck on this great lucky chair!

Click for the Tp to Milu*Cake!

Tiny Find

diamondgirl34 Comet found that Screwball Avatars (SLurl) is giving out two free tiny avatars! As you can see from the picture they resemble the famous Care Bear avatars you may have seen on TV. The tummy decoration is a promotion for for the store, but otherwise they seem to be just like the 'regular' versions for sale in the store (look in the background here). Thanks, Diamondgirl!

The Best Freebies

The best freebies are the fun freebies. With this in mind I quickly leaped (okies, teleported) to New Caerleon for Botgirl's Identity Circus (SLurl) when I saw the group notice. Fun Fun Fun!

Basically, you step into (i.e., sit) in a booth and you are transformed into a completely new avie.

It is a bit more complicated than that, of course, but there is a sign above the booth (helpful and funny) and you are given instructions in chat so it almost works 100%. The instructions tell you to Wear an object for something to happen and that is where it sticks. Nothing happens. Instead, after you wear the object, wait a few seconds, then take off the object to continue the process as described in chat. When you step out of the booth you are one of 6 different avies.

Here are a couple of the avies but stop into the shop to get all six. I love this grey Ruth avie. When the Lindens turned us into clouds rather than Ruths for un-rezzed avies I made my own like this, but what is incredibly funny here is that a Ruth AO is included.

This alien is cool, too, but it looks like one I got from Zada Zenovka's shop (SLurl). It also has an AO, though, whereas Zada's avie doesn't.

Four more avies to try ... here I go!

Shep did it again!

Lucky Kitty Shep Korvin, inventor of the Lucky Chair, had invented a new doo-hickey for merchants to draw customers ... the Midnight Mania board! Check it out at Lapgirl (SLurl) now.

Essentially, if enough avatars click the board before Midnight SL™ time each day (meeting the number set by the owner), everyone who clicked it wins the prize. In this case, I was one of 75 to win an exclusive new outfit made just for testing the board (can a girl get a Wooo! here?).

That's Shep in this pic and his blog is here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luscia Loon's Store

Luscia Loon announced in the Lucky Kitty Crew group chat that she had a huge number of new freebies and dollabies in her store (SLurl) so quick as a wink I popped over to check things out and I found an adorable store and a cute little owner, Luscia, warmly greeting me. And I found a ton of freebies and dollarbies there ... boxes full of clothes, hats, backpacks, and more. Everything seems so nice ... just check her out in one of the Keep Fit outfits. She also sells some cute pets and information on party services ("We are here to tailor make parties according to YOUR needs, desires and budget =)"). Be sure to look around, too. As I said, it's an adorable store with little surprises to see nearly everywhere.

Floatin' on a Rainbow!

Wow! What a find! I love this rainbow from Mixed Nuts (SLurl). Thanks for finding it, Sandie! It is gonna look great at my spot at Burning Life (SLurl). That is me in the middle with my Bestest Big Sister Threshin on the left and Coke Supply on the right. She's a crusader in SL to track down and "kill" content thieves as well as a darned good builder.

Anyway ... the Mixed Nuts store is rather cool with lots of stuff for nekos and quadruped cat avies. I like the kitty furniture and the really clever design of the store.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gathering Gifts

Some of you know that I seldom accept the prizes I win from the various chairs or games or hunts and will often give them to whomever 'called the letter' to get me to a particular location if the item is transferable. But at this time of year I tend to hold onto more of these goodies because the Holidays are near.

Here are two great items from the Paradisis (SLurl) Wonder Chairs and they have already tucked away for someone special, though I may have to go back and get the t-shirts for myself. More than a few Paradisis outfits have found their way into my inventory and not just freebies.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kunglers Gift of the Week

Kunglers (SLurl) has a gift of the week program posted behind the main counter. No need to be a member. Two Wonder Chairs are to the immediate right of the counter. Looks like a nice store overall. Not my kinda fashion, but I don't think I've seen a Soft Butch store in SL™.

Come for the Avies! Stay for the Freebies!

The shop at Sense (SLurl) is famous for some fabulous avies like aliens, robots, and monsters but very near by (SLurl) is one of the most complete collections of the basic freebies available all over Second Life™ plus a number of Business in a Box items such as skins and clothes. At the time of this post the other huts you'll see do not have any freebies or dollarbies.

Freebies for N00bies #1

New residents in Second Life™ have many options for getting kitted out well but for free as quite a few blogs have already pointed this out. So why am I going putting in my 2-cents worth? Well, I did promise Serenkitty that I'd do my best to blog every day and I like to help Noobs, so here goes.

The Bare Rose Clothes Adjusting Resource Center is one of the best places for Noobs to start so I make sure everyone I give my custom New Player Starter Kit to gets an LM for this place (SLurl). As the name implies, visitors will learn how to adjust clothing, specifically with a nice coat (and shirt and pants!) given at the start. As you can see the tutorial is offered in several languages and so should be a big help to a wide variety of users.

There are several clear, well-illustrated 'stations' showing how the user can adjust parts of the outfit one-by-one and plenty of pose stands so a number of visitors can work simultaneously. Even with the excellent facilities a visit here would be well worthwhile just for the outfit. It is very nice (i.e., typical B@R) and quite versatile. Did you get yours yet? No? Go get it and run through the tutorial even if you are an experienced resident. It will be worth your time.

If any LKC members would like to recommend a place that is great for Noobs, drop me a note card in-world and I'll try to feature it. Or leave a comment here. I'll try to check as often as I can.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Hunt @ IOL (Ends Oct. 5th)

Disclaimer: The author is the same person who sets up the hunts at the Isle of Lesbos (IOL) and makes most of the prizes.

The Isle of Lesbos started The BIG Prize Hunt today. Each of the four sims (The Bay of Lesbos, The Isle of Lesbos, The Isle of Lesbos Mall, & The Oasis of Lesbos) has 10 "orbs" hidden.

Prizes in the Bay are mostly custom bikinis while the Oasis features prizes that are great for your landscape. Nearly all the Mall prizes are LOLCat artworks. Porn seems to be a popular prize so that is mostly what you'll find hidden around the main Isle.

Men are not allowed on the Isle but may visit the mall. If they are found on the Oasis or the Bay and are not making trouble they might get a warning. If any male in Lucky Kitty Crew wants the Isle prizes, drop a note card to Uccello Poultry.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Pyramid & Mobvend

Hey, Kitties! I'm back and I've got news for you. First, though, thanks for taking a look at the blog here. I worked it pretty regular-like and got waaayyy frustrated to constantly hear "We have a blog?"

My first post after all this time needs a disclaimer: It is for my wife's store, Dream Images (SLurl). She just added a Prize Pyramid and a Mobvend. She's kinda new with these things and is being generous with the goodies until she figures them out. I also gave her my two Lucky Chairs and I hope she'll be putting them out at her main store or elsewhere.

If you have a Pyramid, Chair, Mobvend, or other similar doohickey, drop me a note card in-world and I'll make a Blog post. Free Adverts! Free Adverts for All!!