Monday, August 31, 2009

Envy x Dance Bar Ocean Limited Gifts

For a limited time to celebrate the grand opening of the Dance Bar Ocean, Envy has teamed up to make some lovely swimwear for guys and girls. Make sure to have the LM/SLURL guide you there because there's a main tp point. Really lovely mall of KDC as well. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Envy x Dance Bar Ocean's Gift!

Oh my Stars and Garters!

10 awesome points for you if you know who was known for saying that. XD But anyway! One of my fave ClockShop Katase/EOT has set up their Lucky Stars boards at a new spot. Most of the prizes are cute accessories and they're also trans and make fun gifts! ^^

*Note - Lucky Stars boards do not work like normal boards, you win based on your Zodiac sign depending on your Rez Day*

Click HERE to Teleport to ClockShop Katase/EOT's Lucky Stars Boards!

Lutecia Gallery Goodies

So was wandering around and found this lovely gallery. Now usually I don't really care for art that's uploaded and just sold, usually nothing can convince me to pay for it. But this time I was dead wrong. XDDDD

So first up we have a dollarbie and 2 group gifts, if you join the Lutecia Gallery group you can recieve them.

Also here's the other art that you can purchase, the max price is L$50 and most are very cheap but still so beautiful. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to Lutecia Gallery!

Poop Hunt?? Eww!

Yeah that's what I thought.. what a weekend for gross hunts but the Poop hunt on the Festivale sim is oh so worth getting your hands a little dirty over! Some great designers like Gritty Kitty, PIG, and Little Bird just to name a few, and most designers have out a number of lovely poo's out for you. (eww) This one is fairly easy with the poo's and TP pretty easy to find, but you have until Friday Sept. 4th to get those poos so make sure you get them all ( you won't be sorry ^^) Also just outside of Little Bird is a info giver that has a list of all of the poos and locations of each so that you can make sure you got all the ones you want. ^^ (More hunt giftie pics available here.)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kurenai Motorcycle Lucky Chair

New lucky chair prize at Kurenai Motorcycles, they change about every 5 mins or so. Really fun cause you can drive these around with a friend on back as well. Really cool store. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Kurenai Motorcycles!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

*mocorin*'s Lucky Board

New Lucky Board at *mocorin* for a cute lil poison juicebox. Changes every 10 mins, also other goodies here and a really cute shop too. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to *Mocorin*!

Sora Motors Runnin Cool!

Sora Motors has set up a Lucky Board with one of their Running Cooler Rides. I hope I can win it. XD Changes every 10 mins.

Click HERE to Teleport to Sora Motor's Lucky Board!

(Sorry for blogging too much lately! XD)

Comos*Doll UFO Machine (Crane Game)

So I've been wanting to play one of these since Atlus went down, which is so sad btw and still very missed. But the new one at Cosmos*Doll is both challenging and fun!

The prizes to be won are eyes, female shape, and 5 different lip colored female skins with a cute star decoration under the eye.

The thing that I find best about these are that they are transfer! So say you have a boyfriend or a friend who really loves these games but doesn't care about the prizes? Or you really love playing these but don't care for the prizes? Well they make really sweet gifts. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Cosmos*Doll!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Misuzudo Cute Cheapies

Was exploring a little bit and happened upon these adorable hair barettes (I never find enough cute ones in SL for some reason) and they're only L$10 a pack. Toteimo kawaii, desu ne? ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Misuzudo!

Sway's Creations Fruit of the Mewm

I love food stuffs so this set was too cute to pass up on. It's one of those present claimers for an adorable Blackberry Underwear set. Hope I can win it, changes every 10 mins. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Sway's Creations!

Free Love Outfit

Complete free outfit up for grabs at Malizz Yiyuan Creations ( and I mean complete! This one comes with hair and cute rainboots!) Also, lots of camp chairs for full outfits ( with super cute accessories \o/) lucky boards, and tons of other freebies, including Spongebob paisties! Pics of camping outfits available here. This store oozes cuteness, one of my favorites as of late, and everything is soo cheap you can't walk out of there without buying something ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Itoh Clinic Limited Lucky Board

New limited edition prize on the lucky board at Itoh Clinic. This time it's a maid panda doll, also many past goodies here as well. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Itoh Clinic!

New Camp Chairs @ AYY

AYY has some new camp chairs up and they are stuffed to the gills with cute prizes. Each item is set for 60 minutes so bring some friends and sit a spell for some cute things here ^^

Also, (bonus!) there are several lucky boards set at 10 minute intervals right next to the camp chairs so you can go click happy winning even more cute things while you wait ^^

The only downfall is build is turned off so no inventory sorting at this one :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

EarthBound Lucky Donut

Decided to peep in on one of my favorite store's EarthBound. It's a tiny shop and sells other goodies, even have some past freebs available as well. But thought I'd mention the adorable Lucky Donut they have here. You can win a cute doll to hold. ^^

And also I highly support teh nomz, they also have some cute accessories that work well on their avs or other avs too. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to EarthBound!

Insane amout of freebs @ SkinSane

Super cute new freckled skin up for 1L @ SkinSane ( we know we all love those freckled skins:P) Also a MM board for a cute tankdress, lucky chair with a selection of very pretty corsets, and to top it all off a whole wall of nice dollarbies and cheapies. Deffinately worth checking out if you haven't been here yet, but at least grab this skin while its up.. sooo worth 1L ^^

Freebies Ahoy @ ::kliene::

Lots of cute freebies for both male and female (yup you heard right, can you believe it? finally some stuff for the guys out there ^^) at the reception desk at ::kliene:: All worth grabbing but my favorite is the cute silvery grey chemise. This is versatile enough to go with literally anything and well made too with good shading ^^

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kunstkammer MM of DOOOOOM

Ya so it's been about a week or so and the Kitty Crew and I have been trying to lock down on this really adorable MM at Kunstkammer for a Skybox is the form of a giant Cup of Hot Cocoa! Too cute, so please come help us out. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Kunstkammer's MM!

Milestone Creations Stufferz

Milestone Creations has put out 2 new items in their Midnight Manias which are just adorable to me! Please try to help us close it if you can. ^^

Also if you're interested they have a 15 min item camp for some cute strawberry jewelry, a lucky cupcake, lucky chair (with Kudos!), and mobvend too.

Click HERE to teleport to Milestone Creation's Goodies!


So my dear friend Alexiel messages the group saying things I never thought I'd hear...


So I think I had a heart attack when I heard that first of all but luckily before just shutting down the kind creator has set all his items to dollarbie status. That's right EVERYTHING. Now go before I beat you for missing out on this great creators items! (Luckily they're going to reopen a new shop later on)

Pics below of some of the items you don't wanna miss, there's more but just go already! STOP READING AND GO!!!!

Click here to Teleport to Slanted Fox!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rotten Toe Lucky Chair

Well the lucky chair at Rotten Toe totally hates me but at long last I got both prizes from two wildcards in a row.. my lucky day xD Needless to say it was so worth the wait. Both the tophat and the dress are adorable ^^ The tophat has a resize script making it much much easier to work with than many other versions of these hats that I own, and the dress has so much detail it is a must have ^^ Bring a few friends and stalk this one fo sho :P

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quick Freebie: Drinking Bird

Remember this from when you were a kid? Here's a working one in SL! Head on over to Galiko (SLurl). Take a free ride in a kayak while you are there.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Camper @ Hotel Munster

Well if you haven't hit up the new lounge at Hotel Munster you are seriously missing out :P Today Lolli added an adorable Hotel Maid dress by Violent Seduction. I absolutely love it, but then it's my favorite colors (which can be hard to find sadly :_:)so go figure lol. Also the fizzle shoulder buddy and the super cute zombie doll ( yah i know I'm partial to my own kind lol) are still available for 30 minutes totally worth it for epic cuteness ^^

Skipping Stones Hunt Highlights

While this hunt is by far one of the best I have been on (which I have to admit I got burnt out fast on them) there are waay too many things to post them all here without boring everyone so I will highlight my top 5 here for ya. If you would like to see my whole list of prizes i loooved it can be seen at my blog here.

My first favorite ( in no particular order.. order scared me lol) is # 2 from This is Fawn.. super cute ^^

Next from one of my favorite stores ( I spent waay too much here while looking for the stone lol) Paper Street Soap Company has this adorable pool in stone # 4The hat and shirt combo (with the super cute hay to chew on) is a must have in stone # 25 from Sand Shack Surf Co. Although I'm as far from a country girl as they get I still adore this one ^^

What kitty doesn't love her noms ? Stone # 32 from M. Fox has a super sweet bubblegum machine with fun gumballs inside I love the bubbles and sounds with these <3 Also shown in this pic is the hair from Clawtooth as well as the outfit from Balaclava.

Last but certainly not least on my short list is stone # 55 from !Doux Petit Dahl. I love this store and thier prezzie doesn't disappoint for sure. It includes the bikini, sunglasses ( in a ton of colors) and the cute little necklace <3

Waterland - full of Awesome!

One of my favorite places in SL has to be the Waterland and Waterland 2 sims. They have a nice rural feel to it and mountains of freebs/dollarbies/cheapies available too. But if you wander the sim you can definitely find more goodies as well as good picture taking spots.

They have also added a couple lucky boards temporarily in case you don't want to purchase or can't purchase some of the items for sale. They're very cute and quirky. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to the Waterland Lucky Boards & Freeb Area!

K's House Shop Lucky Boards

Some nice lucky boards with a variety of goods at K's House Shop, almost all the prizes are transfer so they can make cute gifts too.

Click HERE to Teleport to K's House Shop Lucky Boards!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rotten Toe Group Gift

Rotten Toe has a new group gift out ( Doll Horns) and OMG i love it! This whole store is super cute so if you haven't been go nao ^^ Lots of other great freebies like cute rain boots and a fetus in a jar in the back of the store full of skins and shapes and a lucky chair that currently has a super cute dress or tophat to be won (although that chair hates Z's :_:) <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Last Ride but never Last Place!

One of my all time fave places is Last Ride! They've been fueling me with adorable noms for like ever! New available noms are these cutesy shaved ice you can get from the panda machine (there's also past bunny lollipops nearby too) each is made beautifully and differs from the other flavors. ^^

Also if you head inside they have a new lucky board for shaved ice necklaces! Too sweet and cute to be passed up, and you should see the stuff they sell. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Last Ride!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Item camps at AMG Boudoir, the camp times vary from about 60 mins or so. You can camp for hairstyles or shoes.

Happy Camping!

Click Here to Teleport to the AMG Boudoir Item Camps!