Saturday, June 27, 2009

-RC- Cluster Party!

Now if you're in LKC you got a post about the updated freebs at -RC- Cluster, one of my fave stores! Now, while these are cool - they are NOT as cool as the events that will be going on today~!

So I just want to spread the word of Happy Birthday to the -RC- Cluster store and creator Redd for making some of the most fun things I own in SL. If you're a big supporter like me you won't want to miss out on today's events. ^^

You can find more information on their blog HERE

Or you can directly tp to -RC- Cluster via HERE

Friday, June 26, 2009

PeppermintBlue New Free Store


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discover Outer Space

My brother was looking at the map one day to see what was around our newish mainland home and he found a region not connected to any other land but looking like it still belonged with the mainland so he teleported over and spent the next several hours playing. He had found the Mos Ainsley Spaceport, a Linden region with no clear purpose. It looks like the Moles (the Lab's construction critters) built it for fun. You can have fun, too, by getting into the spirit with a free space suit and set of coveralls from the round thing on the wall (SLurl). Then look around and click everything. That is how I found the clothes when I visited. One of the buttons in another room rezzes a shuttle you can fly around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lucky Chair Updates

The Crimson Shadow Lucky Chair (SLurl) has a new prize simply called Coat, but as you can see in the picture it is more than that. A cross chest tattoo is included as are shorts and a spiked collar (not shown). The boots are extra (these are the Ana thigh-highs) but many different styles would work well with this outfit. Time between letters is 20 minutes but there is usually a crowd because everyone knows that CS stuff is great.

Bare Rose has a new location for it's Lucky Chairs (SLurl) and you'll find a Lucky Fortunes there, too. A variety of prizes is available now, including a rather cute handbag, shoes, clothes for men and women, and more. Times vary in the five chairs, some as quick at two minutes! The setting is scenic and a building near by has some nice, affordable skins.

The PoP Dept. Store (yes, a shameless advert, I know) has upgraded their Lucky Cupcake to a Lucky Chair (SLurl) and to celebrate the prize is a Bamboo Bar set, a nice compliment to any tropical beach or club. Twenty minute timer but it is already proving popular so odds are someone is there to bump it. Lucky Tribe members also get 25 Kudos.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

SL6B Freebies Preview

While working on the Isle of Lesbos exhibit for the Second Life 6th Birthday (SL6B) I'd occasionally take a break to check out some other builds. There's a lot of really cool stuff there from interactive displays, to games, to some great builds. But if you just want freebies, there are plenty for you to grab. The pic shows me at home flying one of the four free kites I found at the Future of SL Citizenship exhibit (SLurl). This is a fabulously animated toy and since I hate just standing around it gives my avie something fun to do. By the way, feel free to visit my place pictured above (SLurl). No freebies, but it's a nice place to relax.

Another great item is Jopsy's "SL6B Data Cruiser v1.1" from The Particle Laboratory (SLurl). It would remind you of an elegant manta ray that you can ride on, but it is a Matrix-display-like "data stream". Well, you have to see it. And then you have to ride it. Very cool. The UFO at the back, opposite the Cruiser is pretty cool, too, and also free. But just getting from the ground to where you can get the freebies is fun, too. One of the better builds at SL6B.

The Designer Showcase Network (SLurl) has an awesome live planetarium/globe that displays a map of Second Life® as if it was a starscape. Babel Translations (SLurl) promotes it's top-rated language translation services with a free Language Kiosk, a note-giving gadget you've probably seen in many popular stores.

You have to wait until the exhibits open to the public on the 23rd, but please make Lesbos@SL6B (SLurl) one of your first stops. I worked my bum off to build it and gave exhibit helper Randi a special gift for visitors.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freebie with a Cause

Due to inventory size and lack of time, among other factors, I've gotten very choosy about the freebies I grab. But when I see one that can promote a cause I believe in, I go for it. The free NO H8 face art and duct tape pack from Ryker Beck's store Xodi (SLurl) is just such an item. This blog is not the place to go into the details of the cause (check here if you want to know more) but consider the real value of a freebie in your inventory. Does it just take up space or does it make a difference?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fireworks from Basic Elements

Hoping to get something special for the Isle of Lesbos build at the Second Life 6th Birthday bash I popped into Basic Elements (SLurl) was was pleasantly surprised by some nice freebies: two nice flexi-prim plants and a fireworks generator. The latter has some pretty amazing features including sound and an extensive array of color options. Klyks Klees, the shop owner, is a very pleasant gentleman and a model for customer service.

Monday, June 1, 2009

NanoGunk for Men

NanoGunk has a new freebie for men, a translucent muscle shirt with store logo and a lizard emblazoned upon the front and the back. It looks fine on women, the one critter seeming to squeeze out from a comfy spot in the cleavage. Very amusing. A non-logo version is inside the store for L$100 plus styles with various graphics. The free one is in the store as well as near some past freebies (latex track suits) and boxes of note cards/landmarks helpful to Noobs (SLurl). If you haven't been to NanoGunk in a while, look for several new items in the store.

Vendor Support Month

Thanks to my Plurk buddy Yukio Ida I've learned about Vendor Support Month (Web), a slew of stores with some great goodies for just L$10 each. As expected, lots of clothes & jewelry, but there's a pretty nice house, some skins, furniture, and more in the mix.

If you haven't tried Plurk, check it out here. Many of us Kitties have regular contact with the designers, builders, and bloggers that shape our Second Lives that we might not have in-world.